Each year, millions of visitors flock to Palm Beach County to enjoy the gorgeous weather, dip their toes in the mild Atlantic waters, soak up the sun on our countless beaches, sample world-class cuisine, and immerse themselves in a vibrant, diverse culture. As exciting as it is to vacation here, living in Palm Beach County is equally rewarding. Is Palm Beach County really a good place to live? We think so. Here’s why:

5 Pros to Living in Palm Beach County

1. Diverse Communities

Renting vs. Buying eBook BannerWhen people think about this area, they envision glitz, glamour, galas, and golf courses. There is a certain high society cache – but that’s not all there is to this location. Living in Palm Beach County can look very different; there are a variety of unique neighborhoods, each of which has its own distinct flavor. Jupiter, for example, balances strategic growth with small town charm, ensuring you have the best of city and community living. 

Tequesta is close-knit, safe, and boasts excellent schools – and given its location at the northernmost corner of the county, there is plenty of privacy and “Old Florida” appeal. Boca Raton has that contemporary Florida feel; as one of the county’s largest cities, there is always something to see, do, and explore. 

There are 38 villages, cities, and incorporated towns in the county. From Juno Beach and Lake Worth to Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie, there is a piece of Palm Beach County for everyone. 

2. The Weather 

There’s a reason why living in Palm Beach County attracts so many “snowbirds.” They’re escaping the cold, snowy, icy North in favor of sun, mild temperatures (74℉ in the winter? Yes, please!), miles of gorgeous beaches, and an array of outdoor activities in which they can participate year-round. There is plenty of rainfall, which helps the lush scenery thrive – and makes the location perfect for gardening and growing.

3. The Economy 

Living in Palm Beach County is about more than sun and fun, of course. The economy and job market are essential factors in your decision. The news is sunny here too: the economy is diverse, thriving, and growing. Palm Beach County is one of only 22 counties to earn a AAA bond rating by all three major rating agencies. This is a measure of creditworthiness (note that the US as a whole has a AA+ bond rating, so Palm Beach County outperforms the national average).

Palm Beach County is one of the country’s most affluent, and it enjoys a diversified economic base, low debt levels, and a solid financial foundation. Major industries are tourism (notably luxury tourism), technology, bioscience, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture. Job opportunities are plentiful, particularly in these fields.

4. Education

Palm Beach County has about 187 public schools, which offer before and after school programs, enrichment activities, award-winning programs, including Choice Programs and Career Academies, strong STEM programs, and excellent language programs. There are also a number of high quality private schools.

Palm Beach State College, Florida Atlantic University, and specialty schools for the arts, nursing, and technology are also conveniently located in Palm Beach County.

5. Active Lifestyle

Cost to Build a House Calculator | Custom Home Cost Estimator | Synergy Homes of South FloridaPerhaps one of the biggest attractions of living in Palm Beach County is the array of recreational and cultural opportunities. In addition to beautiful beaches, there are miles upon miles of trails for walking, hiking, and biking; endless destinations for swimming, diving, boating, kayaking, and other water sports; and over 8,000 acres of park lands.

Whether you love camping, glamping, scuba, parasailing, golf, tennis, or other sporty and outdoor pursuits, you will never be far from the action. 

Living in Palm Beach County is a dream come true for many people, especially when they enjoy the comfort and luxury of a custom home. Synergy Homes is a build-on-your-lot builder; if you have a property selected, we can build a home that empowers you to take advantage of everything this area has to offer. 

Thinking of making the move? Contact Synergy Homes today to make your vision of the perfect Sunshine State life come to fruition.

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