Custom built homes on your land are a very different process from regular home buying. However, it’s easy to understand these steps and find house building companies that can help you achieve your goal.

  1. Have a Plan

Your home building dream can be realized much more smoothly if you develop a plan for yourself. This isn’t something to wing. The more disciplined or structured you make this process for yourself, the more time and money you’ll save getting it done.

  1. Pre-Qualify

The first thing you need is the money to realize your dream. If you don’t have it on hand, you’ll need a loan. Start by going through the pre-qualification process. This will give you a more solid concept of what budget you’ll have for the project.

  1. Find Your Land

Real estate agents, home building companies, and websites like can all help you find land that’s available for sale. Don’t forget to simply drive around as well. If you’re looking at a rural area, if you stop for lunch, just ask if the people there know any land worth looking at. Seriously.

Once you’ve found land, you’ll need to have it evaluated. You’ll want to check the land’s floodplain and floodway status with the city or county engineer. You’ll also want to make sure how the land’s zoned. Getting land rezoned can be a long, tough process.

You’ll want the feasibility of various utilities assessed. You’ll even wish to have the soil tested as this informs the home’s foundation and stability. Include a stipulation in the contract that the seller must have a survey done and that the results must meet certain standards.

  1. Find Your Builder

Some house building companies rely on a strict set of home plans to build out subdivisions on specific lots. That’s obviously not what you’re looking for. You want to choose from house building companies that have experience with custom builds. Talk to these builders about your priorities and needs and you’ll be able to choose the one best suited to meet your standards.

  1. How to Choose the Right Builder

Go with a company that has a history of building custom homes in the area. Make sure they’ve built custom homes of a complexity on the same level of what you’re asking. If they’ve done it before, this is by far your best indication that they can do it again without issue.

If you don’t already have land selected, a custom home builder will often have many lots set aside or know of one that can satisfy your requirements.

  1. Evolving Your Plan

The home builder will help you create or evolve your home design. If you’re working with a separate architect, then it will be a three-way process. This is fine. You want everyone on the same page. The more detail hammered out “on paper” beforehand, the more solid and structured a plan you have to move forward this. That’ll avoid potential misunderstandings and messy change orders down the road.

You want everyone involved to agree on and understand the process, schedule, what money will be released when, every little detail that goes into working together. Everyone should be able to ask for what they need to be organized and efficient, as well as provide it to the others.

  1. The Loan

You’ve already pre-qualified, so you already have an idea of what the loan terms should be. The bank will release the money in stages, providing agreed-upon amounts on certain dates. This also helps you avoid interest charges by delaying when some of the loan money is released.

  1. Home Building

At this point, you’re ready to get the permit for building and follow through on your home builder’s schedule. Expect anywhere between 10-20 inspections throughout the home building process. This is normal. Often, this is interpreted as a hassle, but it’s really to help. Think of it as the county being an extra set of expert eyes with rigid standards they expect your home builder to meet.

You’ll have access to your builder’s calendar. There may end up being slight shifts as a contractor re-schedules or new equipment needs to come in, but the long-term outlook is very accurate. 

Custom built homes on your land will usually have a few delays already worked into the schedule ahead of time. This affords accuracy even if weather stops construction for a few days here or there.

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