Energy Bill Savings

An Energy-Efficiency Promise from Your Trusted Florida Model Home Builders

When you choose one of Synergy’s Gold or Platinum series homes, you can rest assured that the latest building science and most advanced materials have been utilized. The result: elegant, high-performance homes that are as comfortable and welcoming as they are efficient and durable. But that is just the beginning: our team strives to deliver the most outstanding service in the industry. This is why you will enjoy your beautiful Gold or Platinum series home along with energy bill savings.

Each of our Gold and Platinum series West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie model homes is built with a tight thermal envelope. What does this mean? That the envelope components — including the roof, foundation, windows, doors, and outer walls — significantly reduce energy loss. In the summer, your cool-conditioned air won’t seep out of cracks and crevices; in the winter, you’ll stay nice and cozy because the thermal envelope is designed for maximum efficiency.Energy Star Builder Badge in Florida

A certified Energy Rater inspects each of our Gold and Platinum Series homes, paying particular attention to exterior walls, ceilings and roofs, attics, foundations, windows, crawlspaces, HVAC systems, air leakage, water heating systems, and thermostats.

The inspector then assigns a rating, which tells you how efficient your home is — and how much you can expect to pay when it comes to monthly utility bills. Next to the mortgage, heating and cooling are the largest expenses homeowners face. The lower the number, the more efficient (and the lower the ongoing costs).

Every assessment is backed up by our commitment to delivering high-quality homes that are as beautiful as they are efficient. That’s because Synergy’s Gold and Platinum Series homes are up to 50% more energy efficient than average new construction homes and up to 75% more energy efficient than existing homes.

As a premier Florida model home builder, Synergy Homes is committed to providing customers with the best products and service in the industry. Learn how we can help you reduce energy use, cut your bills, and get into a home that you can take pride in. Make the move to beautiful efficiency today.