The Synergy Homes Advantage

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Efficient. Elegant. Exceptionally designed. Superbly constructed. Synergy Homes are much more than the sum of their parts: much more than wood and nails, stone, and steel. Every element, every system, and every component work together to create the ideal home. Your home. It’s what Synergy’s new home builders in South Florida are all about.

High-Performance Model Homes

At Synergy, it is our mission to create new and outstanding single-family homes that our customers will proud to call home.

Each of our Gold and Platinum Series South Florida model homes demonstrates mastery of design and construction. They are built with a tight thermal envelope: the roof, foundation, windows, doors, and outer walls are strategically planned in order to prevent heat transfer in the winter and cool air transfer in the summer.

Not only does this prevent your energy and climate control dollars from flying right out the window, but this envelope also ensures healthier indoor air quality and a comfortable environment for your family.

But Isn’t All New Home Construction Energy Efficient?

Our Gold and Platinum Series building techniques ensure your home will be 75% more energy efficient compared to existing homes. But what about ones that are newly built?

Today’s advanced construction techniques and materials — combined with increasing desire on the part of consumers for energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes — has resulted in more efficient structures. But by incorporating the latest building science, Synergy’s Gold and Platinum Series homes are up to 50% more energy efficient than average new construction.

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Easy Efficiency

As a premier West Palm Beach model homes builder, we have streamlined our processes to ensure the utmost ease and convenience for our valued customers. Getting into your new dream home could not be more simple.

View available spec houses, choose a standard floor plan, or customize your own plan. Our experienced team of new home builders in South Florida will guide you through each step, helping you find the ideal solution for your needs, your family, and your lifestyle.

The Synergy Homes Advantage

We deliver high-performance homes that are as beautiful as they are efficient. It is just as important to us to deliver high-quality service. We know your home is one of the most significant investments of your life; the Synergy team wants to make sure it is the most rewarding as well. The exceptional level of service we provide IS our advantage.

South Florida Custom Home Builders

Get into contact with Synergy today to get started on your dream home. Our team of specialists and partners can walk you through the entire process of designing to getting you into your new custom or model home in a reasonable time period. While you await our reply, feel free to browse our previous work and new homes photo gallery to start your planning today!