Oxford Model Home

The Oxford model home is a triumph for South Florida home builders. It’s perfectly designed for comfortable living, even for a large family. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms ensure that everyone can follow their own schedule without getting in anyone else’s way. At the same time, that’s only the start of how well thought out this floor plan is.

A major point of stress for families in most homes is storage. People don’t often think of this – if a space is tight, it’s often because other things have piled up. That’s why every bedroom in the Oxford model home has a walk-in closet. This is a relief for adults who have to fill many walks of life. You need to be able to keep everything from business to weekend wear available when you wear each throughout the week.

This can be a source of joy for children who like to keep up with trends and have a lot of options for what they wear. For kids who are less concerned, it offers storage space for their hobbies. When you have a walk-in closet, it also means that rooms are kept cleaner and more organized. That helps children stay focused and keeps everyone happier. A space feels more open when there’s room enough for everything to be stored away. The 2-car garage gives you even more room to keep things stored away and keep your home open and spacious.

This preserves the 1,728 square feet of living space for actually living, for enjoying time together as a family. That ramps up to 2,280 square feet with a covered patio, or 2,160 square feet without one. That allows you flexibility for how you want to use your space and enjoy your backyard. The core philosophy of an Oxford model home is to provide wide open space wherever you are – in the living room, your bedroom, or with access to the outdoors.

These homes are cost-efficient, too! As a design in the Elements Series of home models, everything about it is geared toward energy savings. It comes with Energy Star-rated appliances, double-pane insulated windows, high quality insulation, a quick recovery water heater, and high efficiency AC. That’s only the beginning of what’s included to make your home easy and relaxing to run. The floor plan itself is designed for keeping the cool air inside, the attic is continuously vented, and fixtures focus on saving water. Not only can thoughtful features like these save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year, they also help your home build more value over time.

South Florida Home Builders

These homes are built to last. South Florida home builders must meet strict demands for professionally engineered homes that can withstand hurricane-force winds. The foundation is poured with 2500-psi concrete, is monolithic, reinforced with steel, and includes a vapor barrier. Features such as 30-year shingles and exterior wall insulation preserve the sturdiness of your home to keep your family safe and sound.

This is the perfect blend. It’s a beautiful, elegant home. It has comfortable and spacious living areas, smart and energy efficient design, and dependable durability and strength. It’s everything your family needs.

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  • Bedrooms 4

  • Bathrooms 2

  • Garage Size 2

  • Floor Size 1728 SQFT

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