South Florida Custom Home Building

A High Performance, Energy Efficient Home Built for You

The expert team at Synergy Homes prides itself on offering beautiful, intuitive, energy-efficient floor plans that effortlessly accommodate an exceedingly wide variety of needs. But what if you have a vision – a dream – of what you want your house to be? We can help you achieve all of your unique goals and enjoy a home that is built exclusively for you.

Intimidated by Custom Home Building?

Custom building can seem too complex, too complicated, too time consuming with too many details to juggle, too many relationships to manage, and too many obstacles to overcome. When you partner with Synergy Homes, however, we provide a clear path between your goals and your home. Our process ensures that your custom build delivers:

  • The Results You Want. When you opt for custom home building, you most certainly have specific objectives and elements in mind. Perhaps you want an open floor plan with a grand master bedroom and a deck built for entertaining. Maybe you want cozy, enclosed spaces that put privacy at the forefront of design. Or you would like indulge your inner Michelin chef with the latest kitchen amenities.

Whatever your vision, Synergy Homes will take the time to listen to your needs, provide feedback, and ensure each step moves you towards your goals.

  • Exceptional Customer Service. Building a custom home is undoubtedly more involved than having a home built to existing floor plans. That does not mean it needs to be more complex or stressful. Our team will walk you through the process, taking the time to explain, answer questions, and ensure you are comfortable and confident.
  • Superior Quality. Quality matters, and we want it to build as you enjoy your home over the decades. Synergy Homes is committed to utilizing the best materials and, as always, superb craftsmanship. Every nail, every nut, every bolt, every system, works together to ensure your home stands the test of time. Whether you plan to sell or live in your home and pass it on one day, you will only see your value grow.
  • Sustainable Cost-Savings. All Synergy Homes feature a tight thermal envelope and are constructed according to the latest and best practices in building science. Your custom home, too, will be up to 75% more efficient than an existing home and 50% more efficient than a newly constructed house. Enjoy cost savings, year after year.

Synergy Homes has been serving South Florida for over five years. We are dedicated to meeting each customers’ needs and providing the most responsive service in the industry. When custom is your choice, call on the experts who can transform floor plans, blueprints, wood and nails into a home you will be proud to call your own.