As you are looking to build a new home, you will come across a lot of new terminology and concepts. You will soon begin to realize just how complex it can be. That’s ok! Take it slow – you don’t have to be an expert in everything. Everyone has their own reasons to build a custom home. As you search for a custom home builder in West Palm Beach to get your dream home underway, it’s crucial that you’ve identified these reasons. They’re what guide the shape of your home and the priorities you put into it from design to realization.

What are your reasons? Following is a list of nine good ones.

9 Good Reasons to Build a Custom Home

  1. Future-Proof

A new custom home should be future-proof. That means it should be energy efficient. This helps build a home’s value over time. Your new home can have smart features that allow you to operate everything from your lighting to your security by app or even voice. It should be designed to last, with durable building materials, fixtures, and environmental protection. Florida’s got a lot of quirks. A home here needs to avoid flooding and withstand hurricanes. You need airtight foundations that keep out pests ranging from ants to bees to lizards to snakes. You need someone who can create a home that’s prepared for everything nature dishes out. Build a home to endure, and not just chase trends.

  1. Flexible Spaces

Life goes through phases. This is true for everyone. The way you imagine using your home now might look completely different from how you use it in even a few short years. One of the best reasons to build a custom home is to increase your adaptability. A space that can change as you and your family change increases your satisfaction and diminishes future sources of stress.

  1. Low Cost of Living

It’s smart to make a home easy and affordable in function. Whether you have cash to spare or you’re operating under a strict budget, everyone wants to keep the cost of monthly bills down. Energy efficiency accomplishes energy savings. In Florida, it gets hot and humid. With a smart floor plan, energy-efficient materials, and energy-saving appliances, you can save hundreds or even thousands a year in cooling and heating your home. Florida home building companies should always be prepared with energy-efficient designs and materials that can cut down on the costs of owning a home long term.

  1. To Live as You Want

Any custom home builder in West Palm Beach knows that people want homes that reflect who they are and how they want to live. Custom homes are one of the most complete sources of expression there are. Think about it – this is the place you wake up every day and fall asleep in every night. You’ll spend more time here than anywhere else. When you live in a space that’s ideal to you, you’re happier and can accomplish more. With custom home builders, you can even choose the custom appliances and features you want. This allows you to shape the home around your needs. This isn’t often the case with existing stock.

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  1. Location Is Everything

Location quietly decides so many things in your life. The difference between having access to nature vs. being closed in on all sides makes one of the biggest differences in your daily stress. Whether you drive five minute to work or sit in traffic for an hour changes how happy you are every day. 

Being close to the things you love – eating out, shopping, a gym, movie theater, sports facilities, hiking areas – all of these things influence your happiness. The location, its view, what’s accessible, the quality of schools, the commute to work, the list goes on. All of these have a huge impact on how you live your life.

  1. It’s an Investment

A future-proof, energy-efficient home that’s well designed and built is a solid investment. You can be confident that it will build value better than other, older homes. The only wear and tear to the home is because of your use, not anyone else’s. People sell for a range of beautiful reasons – job advancement, buying a bigger home, dedicating more time to traveling, kids growing up and no longer needing as large a home for yourselves. 

A new, custom-built home builds value in good times. It holds its value steadier than older homes during downturns. It’s an investment that will continue to pay off long into the future. It will serve you as long as you need it, and then it will help you take that next step – whatever it might be.

  1. Avoid Maintenance and Repairs

Old homes require a lot of upkeep. There are repairs that need to be done. Maintenance can build and build until it becomes both costly and overwhelming. That level of stress can deeply impact your life. It takes away from what free time you have. You aren’t aware of all the maintenance needs that may arise. Any old or pre-existing home could be a ticking repair bomb in need of serious maintenance in your first years of ownership.

A custom home is newly built. It will be years (decades!) before elements of it need serious maintenance. A new home will often cost a little more starting out, but over those first few years, the money saved on maintenance and energy savings makes the investment between the two a lot more even.

Plus, maintenance on a new home is predictable. Nothing will need repair for a long time because it’s all new. The home itself, its materials, and many other elements are under warranty. Those newer materials are built to last longer and take less wear. You’re safe and protected from the downsides of maintaining a home, allowing you to enjoy the best parts without the worry.

  1. The Ability to Choose Your Custom Home Builder

When you buy a pre-existing home, you haven’t chosen the builder. One of the most important reasons to build a custom home is that you choose your builder. You choose your design. You choose everything that goes into that custom home. A new custom home is yours, designed for you and your family. It’s built around your needs and wants, not someone else’s. That gives it serious emotional value, and it can help you live in the way you envision. After all, the choices made in its design and construction are built around that vision.

There may be parts of that vision that you delegate so that you can focus on elements that you want to make precise. As you look through Florida home building companies while weighing the option of going custom, remember that when you do go custom, you get to communicate with your custom home builder directly and get peace of mind from knowing that you’ve hired a builder who is trustworthy and reliable.

  1. It’s Yours

A custom home is yours. Everything about it is built around you. It represents you. It serves how you want to live your life. It caters to what relieves your stress. It’s built around what makes your family happy. It’s built to adapt as you do. It’s built where you want it, with the view you want, the features in your neighborhood you want, and every surface and fixture the way you want it. In the end, all reasons to build a custom home end with the same one: that home is yours.

Why Choose Custom Home Builders?

South Florida custom home companies like Synergy Homes offer several advantages, from knowing what it takes to build a tight thermal envelope in a hot and humid climate to understanding Florida’s unique local environmental protection needs. When you are ready to go custom, Synergy Homes can help. Start by browsing our South Florida home floor plans online now, and then contact the top custom home builder in West Palm Beach, Synergy Homes, to schedule a consultation at the model home center location nearest you.

Remember: when you are ready to achieve your forever home dream, Synergy Homes is here to make it a reality!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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