Energy-efficient home designs cut the cost of living in your home, reduce your impact on the environment, and increase your home’s ability to accrue and retain value in the future.

When you’re searching for energy-efficient homes for sale, there are a number of features for which to look:

  1. Energy-efficient home designs minimize the amount of ductwork, plumbing, and electrical. This reduces material costs, cooling and heating loss, and has the added benefit of making maintenance easier.
  2. Positioning of rooms in relation to the sun is key. Bedrooms that are east-facing will heat up during the day and cool down in the evening, for instance.
  3. Insulation choice can drastically reduce the cooling and heating loss that makes energy bills rack up.
  4. Energy Star rated windows use multiple panes and materials to reduce heat absorption during the summer.
  5. Energy Star certified appliances reduce energy consumption – both while in use and while idle.
  6. The same goes for electronics. Choose Energy Star rated office equipment and other electronics, especially if you work from home.
  7. Landscaping matters more than you think. Shade on the east and west sides of the home help reduce sun absorption, decreasing your AC costs.
  8. A cool roof is one that reflects sunlight rather than absorbs it. Choose Low thermal mass materials when possible.
  9. Cooling and heating account for about half of a home’s energy use. Make sure your systems are efficient.
  10. Some lights are more efficient than others. Consult your home builder for the best choices.
  11. Renewable energy sources range from solar panels to wind systems. These are more affordable than ever and can help slash your energy bill.
  12. Smart electronics can adjust your lights, meter your water and energy use, and adjust your thermostat even when you’re not there.
  13. Air and moisture barriers reduce energy loss as well as decrease mold and mildew risk.
  14. Insulated foundations help reduce temperature loss.
  15. Water heating accounts for as much as 15% of your energy costs. Energy-efficient homes for sale must utilize a high efficiency water heater.

Energy-efficient home designs pay you back again and again.

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