There are a lot of eco-friendly ways to make your home comfortable without jacking up your energy bill. Choosing Energy Star appliances is just the beginning. What are other great solutions for enjoying more energy efficient homes?

Eco-Friendly Ways to Control Your Homes Climate

Insulate & Seal: Cooling and heating can make up nearly half of your total energy bill. Yet most people don’t even think to have their homes inspected for gaps through which inside air is escaping or outside air is forcing its way in. This makes your AC and heating do a lot more work than it should have to. Doors and windows are good examples of cracks that may leak without being apparent. Also remember to check attics and basements.

Skylights: A skylight can help you save on lighting. You never have to turn on a light during the day. This is ideal for central spaces, and you can always close or cover it at certain times of day to block glare and intense heat.

Solar Panels: Solar panels are getting cheaper and don’t always have to go on your roof. They’re still an investment, but you can produce a lot of energy to power your home.

Plant Trees: This one takes a little investment of time, but in a few years, trees can shield certain sections of a home. The shade can be several degrees cooler in the summer, meaning AC won’t have to work as hard to cool your home as it would if it was basking in the sun.

Look at New Energy Suppliers: Energy suppliers often give good introductory deals to new customers. Always be on the lookout for favorable pricing on energy bills.

Look at New Homes for Sale: We’re pioneering new homes for sale that are engineered with energy efficiency top of mind. They are designed and constructed with materials and techniques that incorporate the latest in efficiency. At the same time, they’re still reasonably priced because intelligent design should be within reach.

The days when you had to choose comfort or energy efficiency are over. Enjoy the home of your dreams — and utility bills that are no longer nightmares! Trust us, we pay new energy bills for our new home owners.

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So what are the main benefits of owning an energy efficient home? Check it out here.Download Energy Efficient Checklist

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