There are many benefits of building a custom home. Working with a custom home builder means focusing on your priorities. Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you go to sleep and wake up day after day. It’s your primary place to de-stress. It’s where your family grows and comes together, and it can shape how that happens. It makes sense for a home to be designed around your needs.

Is there a “best way” to build a home? Not really. You can work with a model home builder, or you can work with a custom home builder. Or you can work with a builder, like Synergy Homes, who does both. The question really is: custom or model – which is right for you?


Benefits of Building a Custom Home

  1. Personalization

No doubt: custom homes appeal to people with specific visions of “home” in mind. Your home should be laid out how you like and look how you want. Adapting to a place that doesn’t suit you can wear you down and even change your life from day to day. It can even make you get up differently, setting the tone for the entire day. Customization means that your home caters to how you like to do things. That makes life easier on you. That can impact your happiness, your health, and your mental health.


  1. Future Proofing

Pre-built homes are fine for many families, but they lack certain strengths. They often require more maintenance. A previous owner may have hidden a costly problem. They’re less future-proofed with elements like energy efficiency. They won’t hold their value as well – important should you aim to sell down the road. A custom home improves your ease of living because it will last longer than many older homes.


  1. Energy Efficiency

A custom home can cost more initially, but there are a number of smart ways to save with one. Energy efficiency can reduce your energy costs, decrease your environmental footprint. Energy efficient designs and materials are easier on your HVAC, while energy efficient appliances last longer. That means waiting much longer before having to replace anything. As mentioned, it even helps your home build and hold value. Energy efficiency will be a must for those looking to purchase in the future.


  1. Placement

A custom home can be placed on a lot however you like. You can recess a home so you’re further back from a road. You can face it so that it gets the best views. You can create a large backyard, or a huge garden. Combined with smart landscaping decisions, you have complete control over how your house looks and what your house overlooks.


  1. Quality

One of the biggest benefits of building a custom home is that you can be assured of quality. You have control over every material, should you want it. You’ll know exactly how long each material is rated to last, how it will perform, and what it lends to a space aesthetically. Working with a custom home builder means they provide you with choice and information about those choices. You’ll know the quality of every part of your home, and that’s something many homeowners can’t say.


About Model Homes

A custom home is completely you, but keep in mind that a model home will adapt to your needs as well. When it comes to model homes, you have the opportunity to select a design that suits your needs and budget. Plus, these homes are typically priced quite advantageously and are often engineered with a specific goal in mind. For instance, Synergy Homes builds houses that are designed from the ground up to significantly cut down on energy costs. This is a move that will help your wallet in the long run. It’s both environmentally friendly and empowers you to save costs far into the future. Instead of pumping money into utilities, you can invest in your children’s college education and your retirement. Thus, in terms of cost, flexibility, and results, you can’t beat a model home.


Custom or Model: Contact Synergy Homes

Whether you’re persuaded by the many benefits of building a custom home or you prefer to go with a model home, speak to the experts at Synergy Homes. We build both custom and model homes, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about either – or both!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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