Cost to Build a House Calculator

How Do I Estimate the Cost of Building a House?

We have a cost to build a house calculator available for custom homes in South Florida. The cost to build a custom home in South Florida fluctuates along with the cost of labor and materials, yet Synergy Homes custom home building prices do fall within a general ballpark range. This 100% free, no-obligation custom home estimator tool is designed to provide you with that price range, based on the total air-conditioned square footage (AC sq. ft.) you desire for your South Florida custom home. However, please note that the cost per square foot to build a house in Florida estimates provided do not include land or permit costs.

House Building Calculator

Building your dream home or garage doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. The Cost To Build a house calculator will calculate the cost for any building project, so all you need is a rough estimate of what it’ll take and then enter it on this site’s easy-to-use interface.

Enter the total AC sq. ft. below

With finishes like…

  • Energy-efficient, hurricane-impact windows
  • Mid-range counter tops, e.g., granite or quartz
  • Standard lighting, cabinetry, Energy Star appliances, and fixtures
  • Tiled entryways and main living areas
  • Carpet in the bedrooms
  • Standard ceiling and door heights


With finishes like…

  • Energy-efficient, hurricane-impact windows
  • Higher-end counter tops and cabinetry
  • Recessed lighting
  • Higher-end appliances
  • Upgraded bathroom fixtures and finishes
  • High-quality tile or hardwood flooring
  • Stone accents on the exterior


With finishes like…

  • Energy-efficient, hurricane-impact windows
  • Automation, e.g., blinds and speakers
  • Marble or chiseled stone bathrooms with heated flooring
  • Custom baseboards and molding
  • Stone exterior
  • Clay, concrete, slate, or metal roofing

Maybe your dream home is located on the oceanfront or on a vast farmland spread. Land prices vary dramatically, and that price is affected by location and lot size. If you don't have a particular lot in mind, oftentimes, your builder will have land for sale in a given area. Get a sense of whether that area has the mix of comfort, access, amenities, and privacy you want in a neighborhood. If you’re a parent of school-age children, you’ll also want to vet any potential school district. Whether you have kids or not, the quality of schools in a neighborhood is important to note. Areas with better schools often have higher home values. In addition to cost per square foot, these factors come into play in determining resale value should you ever wish to sell.

Building permits vary depending on laws and requirements. Some covenants even have square footage parameters outlined. Look for a builder who will take care of the permitting for you. This helps ensure that everything goes according to plan. Plus, in the event the work takes longer than expected, a new permit is required and your builder can be the one to secure this for you. But bear in mind that building permits take a while to get, because your application(s) will be reviewed to make sure you're not missing anything. You may look at this as a hindrance, but it does help you in the long run – it makes sure experts review your designs.

If you work with a custom home builder on one of his/her floor plans, you can save additional fees, ultimately lowering your cost to build a house in Florida per square foot. Find a floor plan you love that works for your lifestyle, and you can save by customizing this “foundation.” (Architects who design from-scratch floor plans can cost tens of thousands of dollars.) Know what you want in terms of size and how you will live in the space. Many people approach floor plans with a very precise idea for one section of the home and vague ideas for the rest. Take the time to hammer these extra desires out so that you can be specific. It costs less time, money, and stress to make a change up front than it does to make a change once a home is half-built.