Are you ready to start planning your dream home in Florida, the land of fun, sun, sand, beaches, and palm trees?  Planning for and buying a new home is an exciting adventure, one you might have only once.  Whether you plan on keeping your home forever or selling it at some point in the future, right now you want the money you invest in it to meet your goals.  No home should be built without taking energy efficiency into consideration.  Are you wondering, “Which energy efficient home builder near me” should I choose?  That’s a really good question.  Let’s take a look.

Home Energy Systems Can Save Money

You will want to look for green home builders in Florida to help start planning your energy efficient dream home.  You want to choose a home builder who recognizes how to manage energy systems to get the most benefits from them, as well as saving you costs and being friendly to the environment.


Did you know how you position a home on a piece of land can add to the efficiency of the home?  The process starts with siting the home and considering the landscaping around it.  The climate, which in South Florida is largely tropical, and the geography of the land will determine a building’s heating and cooling needs.

Building Envelope

The outer perimeter of a building is called the “building envelope,” and that is one of the most significant energy systems of a home.  It is your home’s protection from the outside elements.  A tight building envelope that is well-sealed is what you want for your home.

Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation

With a good tight building envelope surrounding your home, you will need a good ventilation system to provide fresh air.  Green home buildings in Florida will talk about energy recovery systems where a heat exchanger might be placed in use to recover heat flowing out to help warm the home in winter and to recover cool air going in an outward flow to cool the home in summer.

Electricity and Water Heating

Green home builders will use energy efficient lighting methods, such as LED lights, to generate more light and less heat.  Heating water uses a lot of energy and, when you ask the question, “How do I find energy efficient home builders near me?”, you will know you have been successful when they provide alternative ways to heat water.  Alternatives can include a tankless on-demand water system, or an insulated water heater tank, and the use of PEX piping.

Synergy Homes in Florida is passionate about building energy efficient homes.  They have two series of homes: Gold and Platinum that utilize green building techniques to ensure that your dream home will be 75 percent more efficient than existing homes.  In West Palm Beach, call 561-810-2281 today to learn more from their knowledgeable builders.

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