Finding the home you want can be challenging at best. If you have looked at homes lately, especially when it comes to finding new energy-efficient floor plans, it can be nearly impossible to find exactly what you want. What if you could have exactly what you want, though, in a new build?

The idea of a new build is a bit scary for some people, but the reality is that if you’re looking for real energy efficiency, a brand new home is a way to go. 

The first thing to think about as you work toward a new energy-efficient home is your budget. Once you know your budget, you can work backward and plan for the elements you want to be included in your home and your dream floor plan. 

At Synergy Homes, we know everyone has different elements they’d like to include in their new energy-efficient home plans. Still, we also know that everyone has a very different budget. As we look at your budget, we’ll help you think through many factors like design, materials, and all of the energy-efficient options we can include to help make your house as green as possible. Wondering what’s possible with us? Take a look.

A Space Efficient Floor Plan

Space efficient new home floor plans put extra consideration into energy efficiency, storage space, and how families blend private and communal areas. Space efficiency doesn’t mean constricting; instead, it means thinking with a different approach. As a model home builder, we have a variety of space-efficient designs to suit a range of budgetary needs. 

Cost-Effective Designs

The design varies greatly among homes. The design of the home is part of what drives the overall cost. For example, a large ranch home is going to be more expensive than a two-story home because the foundation and roof of a ranch are double the square footage. Thinking in terms of design, it is also important to consider the number of rooms and amount of storage space you really need when planning your new energy-efficient floor plans. Paying for the space you need and no more can help you to stick to your budget. 

Better Materials

Synergy Homes means taking advantage of the best materials available in home buildings today. We use the most technologically advanced and sophisticated materials in our homes. Why? So that your home budget will thank us for years to come. These materials are 75% more efficient than existing homes and 50% more efficient than other new home construction. That is a lot of savings for your budget in the long run. 

A Solid Foundation

The foundation is the first thing you will see when your house is being built. After that, you won’t see your foundation, but we all know that a strong foundation is vital to a home that will last. Synergy Homes is known for its strong foundations, but it doesn’t stop there. We also use a tight thermal envelope (that’s what is inside the walls). This keeps moisture out and stops thermal bridging, again, helping your long-term budget in big ways.

All of the Little Details

We provide superior craftsmanship, quality build, and ensure your home looks and feels as elegant as you have always dreamed. Do you want beautiful bathroom fixtures? No problem; we’ll use Moen fixtures that are visually pleasing, functional, and energy-efficient. Want a gourmet kitchen or a spacious pantry? Let us know, and we will work that into your new energy-efficient floor plan. 

Do you like clean, architectural lines on the outside? That can be done, too. When you work with the specialists at Synergy, you provide a list of your must-haves and your nice-to-haves, and then your home will be designed around these lists. This gives you the opportunity to work on the details that are important to you while staying within your budget. 

Energy Savings

Many elements of your home can bring you energy savings. A simple roofline will increase longevity, reduce heating and cooling costs while allowing you to have the space inside that you need. 

Placing rooms that use water together helps to save on plumbing materials and increases the savings on water bills. Having rooms that flow well into one another and an HVAC system that is energy efficient will save you on heating and cooling costs. Energy Star appliances increase your savings even more.

Our certified energy professionals carefully inspect every home, looking at exterior walls, ceilings and roofs, attics, foundations, windows, crawl spaces, HVAC systems, air leakage, water heating systems, and thermostats. The result means a higher energy efficiency rating that other homes just can’t match. 

We also work to provide energy-efficient floor plans that will help you save money on your utility bills, keeping the cost of owning and maintaining a home affordable. 

Make the Right Choice Now

Are you ready to get the most (and best) home within the budget you set? A beautiful, space-efficient floor plan is within your budget. Synergy Homes floor plans will allow you to save money and live stress-free. Speak with Synergy Homes, a top model home builder in South Florida, today!

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