Florida is one of the most sought-after states to live in. There are so many beautiful beaches to visit. The nightlife is thriving in almost every area of the state. Historical sites are plentiful. There really is something for everyone in the Sunshine State.

Choosing to build your new home in Florida will bring you to those wonderful beaches, the energetic nightlife, and the rich historical sites of the area. Unfortunately, you will also be introduced to the heat and humidity of the summers, which is only a problem if your home is not ready for it. However, if you build an energy-efficient home, then you can go on enjoying the Florida fun and not have anything to worry about.

You may, at this point, be wondering how to build an energy-efficient home in Florida and still get what you want in a home. Do you have to sacrifice on size to have an energy-efficient home? What about aesthetics? Following the right steps can have you in the energy-efficient home you want most. 

Connecting with the Right Builder

The first step to building any home is, of course, to identify a builder. Building an energy-efficient home in Florida will require someone who specializes in this kind of home. Look for a team that has previously constructed energy-efficient homes Florida homeowners really want, as well as a team that understands the techniques necessary to build something amazing for you. 

Where Your Rooms are Does Matter

Once you’ve selected a builder, a number of things will happen as your home is built. Initially, you’ll design the right layout. Not sure how the layout of your home fits with energy efficiency? In order to make your home both cost-efficient and energy-efficient, you may want to consider placing all of your rooms that require water together either vertically or horizontally. 

Placing these rooms together combined with using energy-efficient plumbing and bathing fixtures will save you on your water bill while also conserving water. Placing the water usage rooms together does not affect the aesthetics or the size of your home in any negative way. There are many energy-efficient bathroom fixtures to choose from that are aesthetically pleasing.

Think also about how you can best utilize the other rooms in your house as you think about cost-efficiency. For example, would it be possible to combine your office and a guest room? Could you create a large open space that could serve as both your den and your family room? 

These factors will be discussed between you and your builder so that your home is cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and meets your desires for your dream home. This option does not necessarily have to affect the size or aesthetics of your home negatively. Having a bigger, open room as opposed to two smaller boxy rooms will likely increase the beauty while also saving you energy costs.

Insulation is Part of the Equation

It’s not just about home layout, though. Your builder will know that they must begin your home with a tight building envelope with continuous insulation. This is essential to stop thermal bridging. It also keeps the moisture out. The continuous insulation will cost you about 30% less to cool and about 40% less to heat. This feature is inside your walls, thus an energy-efficient component that does not affect your home’s size or aesthetics.

A Better Roof Design

Your roof is another very important part of your home that your energy-efficient builder will utilize. An energy-efficient roof is one that is simple in design while also being cool and insulated. The simple design places you at a much lower risk for leaks or damage in the future. 

Using a cool and insulated roof, you will be reducing your energy bills, improving comfort inside your home, and extending the roof’s service life. If you add on Energy Star shingles, you will reduce your cooling costs even more. The aesthetics nor the size of your home will be affected negatively by these types of roofing materials and a simple roof design. 

Adding Green Features

Green features are another factor to consider, especially when building energy-efficient homes in Florida. Remember, you are going to be faced with some hot and humid temperatures. You want your home to withstand the elements while also saving on energy costs. Natural lighting is a great place to start when it comes to green features that will add to the beauty and keep costs down. Solar panels are also an option to keep those costs down and save on energy. 

Ventilation, while not seen, is another important green feature to consider. You want a builder who will use ventilation that is cost-effective and energy-efficient at the same time. Some building materials are seen and add to the aesthetics of your home, while some are not. Whether or not they are seen, it is important that these are also included in your home’s green features.  

The Finishing Touches

Once your home is all planned out, it will be time to choose appliances. Appliances definitely help you to achieve the look you want in your dream home. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, it will be important to watch the labels, as you shop, for the words “Energy Star.” These appliances are the ones that will conserve energy and save you on your utility bills. 

Choose Synergy Homes for the Best Homes in Florida

Now that you understand how to build an energy-efficient home in Florida, it is vital that you have energy-efficient home builders who can help you achieve all of this. After all, this is the home you have been dreaming of. We at Synergy Homes have been building custom, energy-efficient homes in Florida for people just like you. We can help you to design and build exactly what you want with all the energy-saving features mentioned above and more!

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