People are making the move to Florida in large numbers. In fact, the United States Census Bureau estimates that Florida is the single fastest-growing state in the entire United States. Palm Bay is one of the many cities people select when they move to the state, and for good reason: there are a lot of new homes for sale. Palm Bay, FL, also offers reasonably priced real estate and rent, as well. One of the main reasons people choose to move here, though, is the weather in Palm Bay FL. In fact, for some, it’s the most important reason they choose to move to Palm Bay.

Weather in Palm Bay FL – A Closer Look at the Complete Forecast

Why is the weather such an important draw? It’s beautiful here throughout the year. The Falls, Winters, and Springs are mild and warm, without too much humidity. The summers are beautiful, and not as hot (temperature-wise) as people think. With an average temperature of around just 86 degrees, you’re actually hard-pressed to find a day where the temperature tops 93 degrees. The humidity does make it feel hotter in the summer, though. But by September, the heat of the season has mostly dissipated. Typically you’ll only see cooler temperatures between December and March, and even then, the average high temperature is a beautiful 75 degrees. No matter what time of year it is, you’ll find comfortable mornings and evenings, with the true heat of the day only setting in from about noon to six.  

Temperature aside, the sunshine is the real draw to Palm Bay for many people. The weather in Palm Bay FL comes with a clear season that lasts eight full months. Even the cloudy days, though, only result in some cloud cover, giving you a bit of sunshine almost every day of the year. 

Worried about rain in Palm Bay? Don’t be too worried. The wettest season lasts just a little over four months, and even on those days, the area will see just .04 inches of precipitation. Throughout the rest of the year, you’ll see an average of just five days a month having rain. In most cases, you’ll see nine to ten hours of sunlight every single day. 

The beautiful weather, of course, influences the water temperature, and at its lowest point, you’re going to see gorgeous temperatures ideal for boating or simply walking along the shore. In the coolest months of the year, the average water temperature is 70 degrees. At the warmest point of the year, it averages a beautiful 83 degrees. 

A Few Other Great Reasons to Consider Palm Bay, FL

The weather is certainly a factor, but there are more reasons to move to this area. It’s a fairly small area, with a total population of just 112,000 people. The median household income here is $51.408, and nearly 74% of homes here are owner-occupied. Close to Melbourne International Airport, it’s easy to welcome friends and family for a short visit, too. 

Palm Bay is a great place to raise a family as well. With a number of highly rated schools in the area, you’ll find several different education options that are certain to fit your family’s needs. There are also a number of excellent parks and playgrounds that are perfect for those long Saturdays with the family. Additionally, childcare options throughout the area are numerous. 

Palm Bay offers lots of shopping, restaurants, and other attractions. Here you’ll also find lots to do outdoors with plenty of beaches and water opportunities as well as great places to bike and hike. 

Whether you’re a growing family or it’s just you, Palm Bay offers the perfect combination of a peaceful place to live near the water combined with the amenities bigger areas have to offer. It really does represent the best of Florida living in one single community, and increasingly, people are beginning to realize just how fantastic this area can be. 

Finding Homes for Sale in Palm Bay, FL

Ready to make this your permanent home? Start by visiting the area. Get a feel for the many fantastic neighborhoods this space has to offer you. Once you know where you want to live, contact us. We specialize in efficient, elegant spaces that are truly surprising. Every element we design works together to build the perfect home in Palm Bay, and maybe the best part is that we’re working to push the boundaries of efficient building techniques, creating designs that are environmentally friendly and that will save you far more money than the average build or even an older home could. 

If Palm Bay, FL, seems like the perfect space for you, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a walkthrough of one of our phenomenal options today.

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