Whether you are a resident of the Sunshine State who wants to make a home purchase or you are fleeing from cold, snowy climes up north, Palm Bay certainly has a siren song to tell you! The weather is beautiful, the schools highly rated, the job market strong, and the cost of living reasonable.  The opportunities for outdoor recreation are many, and the opportunities for a flavorful southern Florida lifestyle are abundant. For new home builders Palm Bay FL is paradise, and we want it to be your paradise, too. But among the top questions on your mind is certainly, “Are there affordable homes near Palm Bay, FL?” We have the answers you need as you seek to make your dreams of home ownership a reality

Affordable Homes Near Palm Bay, FL

Let’s talk numbers. As we all know the housing market has taken buyers and sellers alike on a wild ride during the tail end of the pandemic and after. Prices rose, often dramatically and virtually across the country. The same holds true for Palm Bay.  According to the latest available data from Rocket, the average median sold price was $316,305, up 26.2% from the year before. 

Median Home Sales Price

Still, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the median home sales price in the United States is $428,700, making Palm Bay a better “buy” so to speak than many other regions and states.

When looking for a home that not only fits your lifestyle but your budget, many people do not consider the new home builders Palm Bay FL has to offer. They think a new build is out of their reach, and that they are better off purchasing an existing house – and inheriting all the problems that the former owner had with it!

This is not always the case. In fact, a newly constructed home may be much more affordable than you always believe. While it is true that a fully custom home can cost millions, a model or semi-custom home can fit very nicely within the average home price. What will you get for your investment?

Top New Home Builders Palm Bay FL Has to Offer

When you work with the right builder, you are not sacrificing quality, comfort, convenience, or style when you opt for a model or semi-custom build. While these homes are in line with comparable new and existing houses when it comes to cost (and can even be less), you receive far more value. Synergy Homes, for example, specializes in high-performance, energy-efficient homes. While we will explain that in a moment, what it means for your bottom line is that you save month after month and year after year in cooling, heating, and other operating costs. You minimize energy use while maximizing your satisfaction. 

Energy-efficient homes also build and retain value more consistently than other homes. If you choose to sell, you can be sure you will find eager buyers who want to enjoy the same quality and savings.

Synergy incorporates the latest in building science and the most advanced materials to ensure the highest level of performance and quality. We start with a tight thermal envelope, to minimize air transfer between inside and out. This means your heating and cooling systems have to work much less hard (and, as a result, use much less energy). For example, standard new builds use R-30 batt or blown insulation in attic spaces. This can cause a tremendous amount of air transfer, and R-30 degrades over time. Synergy uses R-20 icynene spray foam. While the R-value is “lower” than with fiberglass, spray foam is much denser and does not lose protective value over time.

This is just one difference (of many). But really, the difference comes down to the synergy created when all of a home’s systems, components, and features work together and become more than the sum of their parts. When combined with our trademark craftsmanship, commitment to quality, and integrity, insulation, windows, walls, and even nails and screws become more, become stronger… become home.

This is the Synergy Homes difference. You can feel it as soon as you walk into one of our model homes. Visit us to explore options for affordable homes near Palm Bay, FL, see the craftsmanship firsthand, ask questions, and determine which of our beautiful floorplans is right for you, your family, and your budget. 

Contact Synergy Homes today. Let’s make your dream of homeownership a reality that you can start realizing tomorrow. 

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