“I’m looking for something to help with lowering energy bills in my home” is a common sentiment we hear when first talking with prospective buyers. It’s a thought that is on virtually everyone’s mind right now. Always a concern for the frugal, the thrifty, and the cost-conscious, inflation and a sharp uptick in utility costs have made saving money a priority for most of us. Coupled with an awareness of utilizing fewer resources and cutting consumption, now is the time to make substantive changes that lower our bills and positively impact our footprints. 

High-performance, energy efficient homes can help you lower your energy bills, cut consumption, and contribute towards a greener future for your household, your community, and the rest of us!


Lowering Energy Bills In My Home

Most energy efficient homes are built with a few purposes in mind: to reduce energy consumption and to lower energy and water bills. Additionally, high-performance energy efficient homes are built to maximize savings and enhance comfort, convenience, and style without compromising. 

Whether you are house hunting, wanting to build new, or looking to improve your current home, you may be consumed with the concern: lowering energy bills in my home. 

When you choose an energy efficient home from the get-go, you have savings built in. For example: 

  • Builders opt for upgraded materials. One critical switch is trading standard R-30 blown or batt fiberglass insulation for R-20 Icynene spray foam. Spray foam offers more protection at a lower R-value. Further, it does not lose insulating properties over time as fiberglass does. 
  • The best energy efficient homes create a tight thermal envelope. The thermal envelope refers to any structure that serves to separate indoor air from the outdoor air. This encompasses the roof, foundation, exterior walls, insulation, and windows and doors. The tighter the envelope, the less air is transferred. 

This means that when you run your AC and pay to cool your home, that energy is spent where it belongs – inside! Likewise with heating. The conditioned air does not leak out, nor does much outside air infiltrate the house. There still needs to be some airflow but not at the risk of energy inefficiency. 

  • Daily tasks and comfort contribute to energy savings. Energy Star-rated appliances save you each and every time you tackle a chore. An efficient dishwasher, for example, saves energy and two to four gallons of water with each load compared to handwashing. A high-efficiency washer saves twenty to thirty gallons of water per load. 
  • Homes are designed for efficiency, top to bottom. An energy efficient home does not simply include energy efficient elements. It is built with efficiency in mind and each component, each structure, each building material and supply, and each layout decision is informed by the goal of optimal performance. 

You can save thousands of dollars each year on your energy bills. Further, energy efficient homes retain and build value at a higher rate than standard homes. If you decide to sell in the future, you can get an average of 2.7% more for your investment. Buyers are eager to live in energy efficient homes, so there is a steady, stable, and ready market out there.


Synergy Homes: The Gold – and Platinum – Standard for Energy Efficient Homes

Synergy Homes specializes in high-performance homes. Our Gold and Platinum Series homes, for example, are up to 75% more efficient than existing homes and up to 50% more efficient than typical new construction. Efficiency is ingrained in every aspect of design, building, and living. 

With intuitive floor plans, beautiful design features, and high-quality finishes and appliances, you can achieve your vision of your dream house. “Lowering energy bills in my home” is a priority for many. Let’s start making it a reality. Contact our team today.

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