As more of us consider the state of the environment and reevaluate our own impacts and carbon footprints, the demand for green solutions is growing. At the same time, given rising costs, we also want to make the most of our budgets and save money wherever and whenever we can. The best place to start? Right at home. Lowering monthly utility bills with energy efficient homes accomplishes these goals – and many more – while offering owners the ultimate comfort, convenience, performance, quality, and style. Read on to find out how an energy efficient home lowers monthly utility bills.

How an Energy Efficient Home Lowers Monthly Utility Bills 

While any house can benefit from updates and improvements to enhance efficiency, the best way to guarantee optimal results is to start from the ground up. Building a high performance home that prioritizes energy efficiency means that you can start saving right from move-in day – rather than having to wait for months or years to realize a return on investment for retrofitting an older house or even a standard new build. 

A high-performance home lowers utility bills in a few key ways:

A Tight Thermal Envelope Minimizes Air Transfer 

A home’s thermal envelope refers to any structure that separates the air inside from the air outside. Think of it like a protective shield around your house. It includes the roof, foundation, outer walls, windows and doors, and insulation (more on that in a moment). Now, a tight thermal envelope ensures that air transfer is minimal. That is, the air inside your home that you’re paying to cool or heat won’t seep out – and the hot, sticky, humid air or chilly air you want to keep out won’t find its way in through cracks and gaps. 

As a result, your cooling and heating systems work much more efficiently and you minimize consumption and waste. Another benefit is that the tight envelope helps improve indoor air quality, leading to a healthier home. If you or a household member suffer from allergies, asthma, or other conditions, this is particularly important. And if not… It’s still a big sigh of relief to know your home contributes to the well-being of those living in it.

High-Quality Materials Contribute to a Cost Effective, Comfy Home 

High-performance energy efficient homes are built with the most advanced materials and techniques. Here’s just one example: in a standard new build, you will typically have R30 blown or batt insulation in the attic. This creates conditions that can be 44 – 64 degrees higher in this space than in the home. When you’re trying to cool, your AC will have to work double – or triple-time to compensate. This, of course, costs you each and every month. Remember, too, insulation helps keep your home warm in the cooler months; if it is not doing its job, you’ll lose money in the fall/winter as well.

Now, a high-performance home from Synergy Home’s Gold and Platinum Series utilizes R20 Icynene spray foam insulation. This is one of the most energy efficient building products on the market. The difference between attic temperature and total AC square footage is just 10 – 12 degrees – a far cry from 44 – 64! This alone can save you hundreds of dollars a year, if not more. 

Energy Efficient Appliances Save You Each Month 

When a home is built with efficiency in mind, it goes beyond the thermal envelope. Each element in the home is strategically selected to reduce consumption while enhancing results. Energy Star-rated appliances, for example, can save the average household about $450 per year. You save every time you cook a meal on your range, turn the AC on, run the dishwasher, or do a load of laundry.

Even small details can add up to big savings on your monthly utility bills. For example, swapping inefficient light bulbs for advanced energy saving lighting not only lowers your costs but extends the life of the bulbs. 

You Start Fresh

With a newly built energy efficient home, you are starting fresh. Your structure is newly built with the best materials available. Your appliances are waiting for you to turn them on for the first time. You can enjoy savings right from the start, and these elements will last beautifully – and efficiently – for years to come. If you were trying to improve an older home or a conventional new build, you would have to invest in upgrades, which can be very expensive. Not only that, you would have to wait for some time to realize a return on your investment. It could be several years, for example, before a new HVAC system starts to pay you back.

With a high-performance new build, the savings are literally built in. 

Synergy Homes Gold and Platinum Series

Let’s talk numbers: Our Gold and Platinum Series homes are up to 75% more efficient than existing homes and up to 50% more efficient than conventional new homes. This represents tremendous savings month after month – and year after year. So, now that you know how an energy efficient home lowers monthly utility bills, check out the new builds from Synergy homes! Contact us and explore your options.

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