The state of Florida gains close to a thousand residents almost every day. The real estate market is booming, and more people than ever are building custom homes. Among the amenities they want most, though, is an energy efficient design. Why does that seem to matter so much these days? While the answer is different for everyone, there are a few common factors that influence the decision to go with energy efficient home design plans. 


The Cost Savings of Energy Efficient Home Design Plans

Most people spend nearly $6,000 a year on energy, and energy efficient home design plans help save quite a bit of money each year. With more people than ever looking to cut home costs as much as possible, the cost savings that automatically come with an energy efficient home is well worth it. Some even incorporate options like solar panels to help further offset energy costs. 


The Comfort of Energy Efficient Home Design Plans

Post-pandemic, people are still spending quite a bit of time at home, so they want a comfortable space. Energy efficient homes are cooler in the summer and cozy in the winter thanks to a number of different features. Most feature passive solar design so the home is situated correctly on the lot to take advantage of natural heating and cooling. Most also feature a tight thermal envelope, which helps keep the heat of the Florida summer outside and the cool internal air of the home in. That thermal envelope means better air quality throughout the home as well because it actively works to prevent mold and mildew. Additionally, energy efficient home design plans are created to make use of as much natural light as possible, which has been shown to improve mood.


The Added Value

Building any home requires a significant financial commitment. New construction homes traditionally have a higher resale value, but those with energy efficient features truly are an excellent investment. Should you ever choose to sell your home, all of those features will become key selling points, improving the overall return on your investment, and with demand ever higher for great energy efficient features, it’s one investment you’ll truly appreciate. There are also a number of energy efficient home credits Florida offers, which could save you a little extra money.


The Environmental Impact

Emissions from homes are contributing to climate change around the world. Nearly 70% of emissions in the United States are attributed to controllable factors, like electricity use. Energy efficient homes, though, help to reduce energy use, playing a role in conservation across the state. 

Energy efficient homes help in other ways, too. They use fewer raw materials during the building process, and they focus on utilizing materials that aren’t harmful to the environment. That can help protect Florida’s delicate ecosystem, one reason so many people move to this beautiful state initially. 

Energy efficient home design plans just make sense. Let us help you discover the right one for you. Contact us today!

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