On average, Americans spend nearly $2,000 on utility bills every single year. Reducing this amount is a primary concern for many home buyers, and it’s pushed lots of people to consider building an energy efficient home. Are the real cost benefits involved with an energy efficient home, though? Are they really worth the time and effort that must go into a new construction home? Yes and yes!


What, Exactly, are the Cost Benefits Of An Energy Efficient Home In Florida?

If you choose to invest in an energy efficient home, how are you actually going to save money? The savings may begin before you ever actually buy the house. Building an energy efficient home gives you the opportunity to qualify for a green mortgage or an energy efficient mortgage. These loans make it easier for borrowers to afford energy efficient properties because the lenders actually take the potential savings into account when making the loan. This kind of mortgage does require an extra inspection by an expert who can certify the property as energy efficient, but in the end, it could mean a larger mortgage to cover the added cost of energy efficient properties. 

When building an energy efficient home, the savings just move on from that original home loan. Each month, you’ll notice lower utility bills in the home. Energy efficient homes are designed differently. They use thicker frame construction, materials that are less impactful to the environment but better for home design, and added insulation. They also utilize the best windows and doors. They’re situated well on the lot to take advantage of passive solar design principles, and they’re laid out to make the most of the natural lighting the lot offers. New Energy Star rated appliances are installed throughout, and everything inside these homes from the water heater and HVAC system to the lighting and plumbing fixtures are all designed to be as efficient as possible. All of this spells one key benefit for homeowners – lower overall utility bills. You could save thousands on utility bills over the course of owning the home, and all of that money could go into something you really want. 

While the monthly cost savings benefits are present as long as you own the home, should you ever decide to sell, you’ll realize one more benefit that will put money back in your pocket. Your home will have a higher resale value. More people than ever are looking for energy efficient properties, and that demand isn’t likely to stop any time soon. If you have a third party verify your higher energy efficiency rating when you decide to sell, you’ll quickly attract additional offers which may increase the overall sales price of your home. 

The benefits of building an energy efficient home are nothing short of enormous, particularly when it comes to the money left in your wallet. To learn more about how we can help you find the energy efficient home of your dreams, please contact us today.

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