The United States Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy estimates that homes use more than 40% of all the energy in the country today. In fact, Americans could save nearly 25% of what they spend on their energy bills each year just by installing energy efficient upgrades throughout the home. When it comes to energy efficient home building Florida is a great place to do so. Building an energy efficient home offers you, your local area, and the environment as a whole some extensive benefits

Benefits You May See

There are two big benefits you’re likely to see when you select an energy efficient home. The first one is comfort. When your cool air stays inside on a hot Florida day, your home is going to feel absolutely amazing. The same is true should a cold snap hit. Your home will feel warm and cozy, just like it should be. HVAC systems in energy efficient homes are carefully matched to the size of the home, so the hot and cold air goes exactly where it should. On top of that, the home itself uses a strong foundation and thicker frame construction along with top-quality insulation to create a tighter thermal envelope. That means that the home can keep the cool air in and seal everything else out. It also provides a much stronger moisture and vapor barrier, which makes the home healthier. You don’t have to worry about mold and mildew growth, and your home will have a much better indoor air quality. 

The second benefit you’ll see is the one that you’ll realize each month when your energy bills arrive in the mail. Energy efficient homes are cheaper to maintain month after month. Your bills will be lower thanks to that tighter thermal envelope as well as energy efficient appliances, lighting, and plumbing fixtures. 

Benefits to Your Local Area

Energy efficient homes also reduce strain on the local area around you. An energy efficient home means less stress on the energy grid, so your neighbors will see a real conservation on your part. Additionally, you reduce your noise pollution thanks to proper insulation, making you a better neighbor. Energy efficient homes also take the local landscaping under consideration. They work to be greener from every aspect, so you’ll find more native landscaping remaining in place with an energy efficient build, and that helps everyone. 

The Bigger Environmental Benefits

In terms of energy efficient home building Florida makes sure that, in order to be considered energy efficient, the homes use less. Less what? Less everything. They use less energy, which means traditional power plants, and the air and water pollutants that come from them as by-products, don’t have to work as hard. Oil and coal mining companies don’t need to produce as much when more people turn to energy efficient homes, and that can help safeguard ecosystems and their biodiversity. That means conservation efforts overall are far more effective. 

Energy efficient homes also use fewer raw materials during the building process, as well as less toxic materials. The benefits here are clear. There’s less waste from energy efficient builds, and the waste that does exist doesn’t threaten the health of the planet. 

When it comes to energy efficient home building Florida is the place to be, and there is one company that does it best – Synergy Homes. To learn more about our homes and how you can invest in something that supports Florida’s delicate ecosystem, contact us today.


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