Even if you love roller coasters (and we have our fair share of thrilling rides here in the Sunshine State!), you probably did not like the wild twists and turns of the housing market recently. At the tail end of the pandemic and immediately after, housing prices increased at an astonishing rate. At the same time that buyers were clamoring to make purchases, inventory was at near all-time lows. In other words, there was far more demand than supply. The good news is that, yes, new home builders in Palm Bay Florida are producing – and yes, options can be more affordable than you thought. 

Affordable Homes in Palm Bay

As mentioned, house prices rose across the country. According to the Federal Reserve Bank, the average median sold price in the US is nearly $429,000. This puts homeownership out of reach for many. But again, Florida has the silver lining – the sunshine in the sky – for prospective buyers. In Palm Bay, the median sold cost is much lower at around $350,000. In fact, the low/reasonable cost of living is one of the main reasons why this area is so attractive. It’s far from the only one – but it does factor into many decisions.

There are affordable homes in Palm Bay, including our own! Our two most popular Palm Bay models are: 

The Biltmore

  • 4 bedroom •2 bathrooms •2-Car Garage •1809 Sq. Ft
  • $349,000 – $357,900 *NEW CONSTRUCTION
  • Various Locations in Palm Bay
  • Synergy Homes
  • Palm Bay, FL

The Biltmore is a popular model home that offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a two-car garage, and 1809 square feet of indoor living space. It is part of the affordable Element Series and boasts a variety of cost-saving features, including Energy Star-rated appliances, double-pane windows, high-quality spray foam insulation, high-efficiency air conditioning, water-saving fixtures, and more. Beyond convenience and savings, this model provides the perfect setting for… living. From sky-high ceilings that increase the sense of space and light to durable, easy-to-clean tile floors to ample storage, the Biltmore is built by some of the best new home builders in Palm Bay Florida, just for you.

The Hudson

  • 4 bedroom •2 bathrooms •2-Car Garage •1833 Sq. Ft
  • $354,900 – $362,900
  • New Construction 
  • Various Locations in Palm Bay
  • Synergy Homes
  • Palm Bay, FL

The Hudson is a gem in quiet neighborhoods throughout Palm Bay. One of Synergy Home’s most popular and affordable models,  features four bedrooms, two baths, and a spacious two-car garage. With a floor size of 1833 square feet, it is roomy enough for households to gather and socialize – and then retreat to their private rooms for some peace and quiet. 

This home is part of the Elements Series, a line of affordable homes that do not compromise on quality, comfort, convenience, or style. Enjoy soaring ceilings, new tile floors, a gourmet kitchen, Energy Star-rated appliances, a convenient pantry and utility room, elegant Moen fixtures, water-saving commodes, and more. A favorite spot will surely be the covered patio, where you can spend time in the sun or catch the evening breeze. 

New Home Builders in Palm Bay Florida: Maximizing Affordability 

When looking for affordable homes in Palm Bay, it is important to go beyond the initial asking price. Sure, you could opt to purchase the cheapest existing house on the market… But are you also buying a lot of expensive problems? Will you need to replace the roof? Upgrade the windows? Fix a damaged foundation? Redo plumbing and electrical for safety and efficiency? Any of these projects can easily add thousands, or tens of thousands, of dollars to your cost.

Think of affordability as a combination of the sale price, ongoing operating expense, and potential resale value. In this equation, a new build from a top provider like Synergy Homes is not only possible – it can make the most financial sense of any option. As you can see, the Biltmore and Hudson are priced well within the norm for Palm Bay and are affordable options. In terms of ongoing savings, you will cut your utility bills and energy consumption each and every month, thanks to innovative design, advanced building practices, and the highest-quality materials on the market. This means that running your home on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis will be much more comfortable from a budget standpoint!

Another factor to consider is resale value. Should you decide to sell, a high-performance, energy-efficient house builds and retains its value more effectively than both existing and standard new builds. You can be sure that if you make the decision to move,  you will find eager buyers who want to enjoy the same cost savings, efficiency, comfort, and style. 

Yes, new homes are being built in Palm Bay Florida – and one of them is yours. If you are searching for affordable homes in Palm Bay, make Synergy Homes your first stop. Contact us to learn more and schedule a walkthrough. Let’s get you home.

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