Space efficient new home floor plans can help fit a future-proof home within your budget. These plans put extra consideration into energy efficiency, storage space, and how families blend private and communal areas. Space efficiency doesn’t mean constricting; it just means thinking with a different approach. A model home builder like Synergy Homes has a variety of space- and energy-efficient designs to suit a range of budgetary needs. Best of all, an energy-efficient floor plan will help you save money on your utility bills, making the costs of owning and keeping up the home that much more affordable.

You might think a beautiful, space- and energy-efficient floor plan is outside your budget. Think again. There are a number of benefits within Synergy Homes floor plans that help you live with less stress – and save more money.

  1. Less Material = Higher Quality

Many people think of square footage as the ultimate measure of a home’s quality. Yet many families end up with entire sections of a home they rarely use. It’s important to have the space you need, but going far beyond that starts meaning wasted money and rooms you forget about. 

Space efficient floor plans prioritize more enjoyable spaces instead of just more space. A big part of this is using higher quality materials. When working on a budget, people often sacrifice quality of materials, appliances, and fixtures for space they’ll rarely use. It’s more important to ensure the spaces you’ll use often will last, look good, and perform well for years longer.

  1. Lower Energy Bills

There are a number of home elements that can be streamlined for energy efficiency without losing living space. For example, a straightforward, uncomplicated roof line can cut down on heating and cooling costs without eliminating square footage inside. Consolidating plumbing cores and other elements creates savings on multiple fronts, giving you more living space, using less energy and being less costly to maintain. Relying on some built-in fixtures helps to streamline air flow and conserve energy costs while also ensuring there’s a little bit of extra space in the home.

A floor plan that uses space sensibly is also one that’s easier to cool and heat. This means drastically lower energy bills. It’s not just about the square footage you cool, it’s also about how rooms flow into each other and the work your HVAC has to do to encourage that flow. This can lower your energy bills by hundreds, or even thousands, every year.

There’s an added benefit that your HVAC will last years longer before requiring maintenance and eventual replacement. That can save you thousands. There’s even one more benefit beyond this: energy efficiency is a primary desire in home purchases going forward. That means including it in your home will help to build the value of your home as years go by. Energy efficiency saves you money, and it also helps build the value of your home as an investment in your future.

  1. Compartmentalization

Typically, an extra-wide hallway is unnecessary and sacrifices valuable space inside the rooms to which it leads. You want room to move around, but your home should be designed to allow for plenty of space where it matters most. Proportion also plays a key role in optimizing air flow and keeping heating and cooling costs low in your home.

Space efficient new home floor plans also put a special focus on storage space. There’s a better boundary between living spaces and storage spaces than there is in homes without this focus. Dedicated storage spaces can help you and your family keep more organized. They each aim to help you organize every room better, with pantries for the kitchen, closets for each room, and extra storage spaces to help you keep rooms clear.

A cleaner space free of clutter is one of the best ways to live with less stress. It also makes it easier and faster to clean. That also means it’s much easier to prepare for guests coming over, whether you’re hosting a party or a sleepover for your kids.

  1. Reducing Unnecessary Space

Ever notice how homes with more square footage often waste it with long hallways or purposeless rooms that aren’t shaped well for practical use? This gets more square footage listed on homes, but it doesn’t actually add square footage to the spaces where you’ll really live your lives. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re walking down an airlock just to get to your bedroom.

Space Efficient New Home Floor Plans: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

These are just a few examples of how a space- and energy-efficient floor plan can deliver a beautiful home with minimal impact on the environment and your wallet. Synergy Homes floor plans focus on the spaces you’ll use. They prioritize you being able to use your home as you’d like, with a blend of multi-purpose and dedicated rooms that focus on functionality. Space is created with high ceilings, beautiful windows, and making family spaces more accessible. The homes lend themselves toward organization and ease of living. They focus on how families really live, and on what helps them enjoy life together.

You don’t have to sacrifice luxury for energy efficiency in a home. Everyone has a different budget, so Synergy Homes offer floor plans to suit families looking for starter homes as well as those looking to up-size.

For example, the Charleston model is our smallest energy-efficient floor plan at 1,651 sq. ft. of living space, but it still delivers 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, walk-in closets for the master, a great room, dining room, kitchen, foyer, laundry room and storage room. Plus, not included in the living space calculation are a garage, entry hall and back porch. All of this is achieved through the smart use of space and a flow that creates separate areas to provide family members with privacy as well as communal space.

Interested in getting the most (and best) home for your money? Speak with Synergy Homes, a top model home builder in South Florida, today!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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