Finding a model home builder who makes energy efficient homes can be a win-win scenario for home buyers. In addition to realizing significant energy savings from energy-efficient home ownership, you’re likely to save on the purchase price of the home. This is because most model homes are sold at a discount. And not necessarily because the homes have already been lived in. In fact, the majority of model homes are simply used for showing.

Model Home Buying Tips Revealed

A model home builder constructs a model home to demonstrate craftsmanship and design to potential home buyers. But, besides craftsmanship and design, how do you identify the right model home to buy?

  1. Choose the home that features the elements that speak to you. Model homes often look different from each other. Builders want to demonstrate a scope of choices and will have decorated a model home beautifully for those who are building new. This means that you should have a good range of quality upgrades already installed.
  2. Don’t be afraid to bring your own buying agent. Any model home builder should be comfortable with this – and if they’re not, take it as a warning sign.
  3. Negotiate a bigger discount if the model home has been used as an office. Model homes aren’t typically occupied as residences, but they can sometimes be used as sales offices. You’ll want to double-check appliances and fixtures in this case to ensure they’re still pristine.
  4. Get legal advice on any purchase contract, whether it’s from the builder or a third-party seller. Again, if a model home builder isn’t flexible in this matter, it’s a red flag.
  5. Opt to use your own lender. The model home builder may have a lender available to you, and you should be safe using the builder’s recommendation. However, if you prefer a lender with whom you have experience, there should be no problem making the switch.
  6. Hire a home inspector just like you would for any home sale. Be present for the inspection and make sure to ask any questions you have, no matter how silly you may feel they are. It’s best to be informed.
  7. Evaluate energy efficiency. Energy efficient homes can save a great deal of money over time. With all other things being equal, always choose models built for efficiency.

A model home builder is working to show off their best skills and assets – to prove they can deliver the kind of quality today’s home buyers have come to expect. Take advantage and get into the home of your dreams. Schedule a walk-through at one of Synergy Homes’ convenient model home locations now.


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