Buying a new home can be exciting and fun.  It’s a huge investment and lots of factors should be considered to ensure your decisions are well made.  When you get serious about finding and purchasing a new home, do your homework to help you know what questions you should ask and what things you should be looking for when touring model homes.

5 Tips for Touring a Model Home

Tip No. 1: Research

Model homes are a good place to start to see all the options available to you in your new home.  Tips for touring a model home include doing your research before you schedule a model home tour.  Look at builder websites to see what kinds of floor plans and features are offered.  Make notes of which attributes are important to you in a home.  Know what you absolutely need in a new home, what you would like to have, and know the styles you don’t want in your home.  If you are looking for energy efficient homes, pay attention to EnergyStar appliances and environmentally friendly design features.

Tip No. 2: Wear Good Walking Shoes / Comfortable Clothing

Before you start off on your fun-filled adventure of touring a model home, make sure you are ready and comfortable.  Depending on how many model homes you tour in a day, there will be a lot of walking.  If your feet start hurting or you start feeling uncomfortable, you aren’t going to be able to make the most of the experience.  Touring a model home should be fun; prepare ahead of time and enjoy it!

Tip No. 3: Pay Attention to Details

Free Model Home Comparison | Synergy Homes of South FloridaWhen touring a model home, remember they are set up to present the best possible offerings and views.  You can get sidetracked in your mission to find the things you truly need if you don’t ignore the staging of a model home and pay attention to the details.  How is the underlying craftsmanship of the home?  Does the model home show that the builder’s designs offer skill true to his plans?  Are the floors level?  Are the cabinets hung straight and flush to the wall?  You can also ask if “bare bones” model homes are available to tour so that you won’t be distracted by the decorations.

Tip No. 4: Ask Lots of Questions

Tips for touring a model home include the fact that now is the time for asking questions.  Have a list of questions made ahead of time and go through your checklists, asking as many questions as you can think of.  Get answers while you are there.  Every builder is different, offering a variety of warranties and policies on appliances and upgrades.  Know where each builder stands on providing the things that are important to your decision on purchasing a new home.  Know what will come standard and which features are considered upgrades, which might cost a little more.

Tip No. 5: Take Pictures

It is recommended not to tour too many model homes in one day lest your memories blur into one another and you can’t remember which feature you saw in which model home.  It’s always a great idea to take pictures because they can help you remember details as you look back through them.

Take your time and space out model home tours to ensure you get a clear picture of everything that is available to you.  Make notes to help you remember things that are important to you as you later relive the model home tour.  Keep all the pertinent facts to each model home separate and outlined to help make the best decision possible when making your new home purchase.

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