Whats The Right Energy Efficient Floor Plan For You?

The same energy efficient floor plan doesn’t fit for every homeowner and family. Families have different desires and need varying amounts of space. Synergy Homes offers an array of models, designed to fit your definition of “dream home.” You’ll find different floorplans, flows, and feels: but one factor remains the same. All of our homes are energy efficient — the environment and your bank account will thank you.

Our models utilize construction science and advanced energy-saving building materials. The result is that our homes deliver 75% energy savings compared to existing homes. They don’t look like they’re out of a sci-fi movie either, they look like homes. That’s important to us. You don’t need to change how you live; you don’t need to sacrifice efficiency for comfort.


Finding Your New Home

We have a range of energy efficient homes and energy efficient floor plans that suit families of different sizes and needs:


Bellaire Series Model Homes

This series of energy efficient homes focuses on a great room. It feels spacious, combining the living room and dining room into a single space. This is great for families and makes entertaining and entertainment seamless. It’s also useful for being able to watch the kids while a parent makes dinner or chatting over a glass of wine while the younger family members watch a movie.

It’s a welcoming approach to living that’s focused on making it easy for you to come home and relax with family and with guests. Families that enjoy watching TV, movies, or sports together get an extra mile out of the Bellaire floor plan.

The Bellaire is customizable. You can build it with 3-5 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms. You can also choose models that scale up the size of the mudroom. All Bellaires include a porch with plenty of space for mosquito-free al fresco dining and relaxation.


Madison Series Model Homes

Where the Bellaire series is modern, the Madison series focuses on a traditional feel. The living room, family room, and dining room are all separated to create unique spaces. It’s well-suited for those who value privacy or like a cozy atmosphere.

When we separate rooms like this, we want to make them a little larger so they each feel like places you can stretch out. To this end, the Madison series focuses on large living area, including 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms. Each includes an entry room and porch as well.

One great feature here is that the porch isn’t just entered from the family room, it’s also entered from the master bedroom. This helps connect the master bedroom to nature and the relaxation it can offer. It’s a really nice detail to enjoy at the end of a tough day.


Savannah Series Model Homes

The Savannah series focuses on a large great room that leads into each of the non-master bedrooms. This is perfect to help create a space where families can mingle when they want, and can enjoy privacy when they’d like. The separate entry room and foyer are a nice touch. The Savannah offers four bedrooms, two bathrooms.

The kitchen helps fuse the great room and dining room, offering an open area for the entire family to access. At the same time, the master bedroom is located in the opposite corner from the other bedrooms, offering additional privacy. The great room leads to the porch, which helps create a flow that leads from the dining room, through the great room, and onto the porch. As open as these areas are, there’s an enjoyable sense of movement through them.


Winston Series Model Homes

The Winston model is designed to offer plenty of space for its 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and den. The bedrooms are spread apart form each other, allowing children to have their own space and privacy. It also helps avoid traffic jams first thing in the morning. The entry room is also large enough to allow everyone spill in together without getting in each others’ ways.

At the same time, the great room offers a chance for spending time together. What we like best about the Winston is all the little details like the pantry and walk-in closets. Our favorite detail rests in how the porch can be customized as one large space, or as two separate spaces – this allows the master bedroom to enjoy its own private porch, if the homeowner likes. The den also offers parents a chance to enjoy a private entertainment center, build an exercise room – whatever they like.

The combination of private and communal makes the Winston a winner for many homeowners.


Charleston Series Model Homes

The Charleston, on the other hand, is built for economy. The smallest of our energy efficient floor plans offers 1,651 sq. ft. living space and 2,233 sq. ft. total space, but still manages to give each bedroom space so that each family member can enjoy their privacy. Here, the great room offers a communal area that’s closer to the bedrooms than in our other models. The porch can be entered from the dining room or master bedroom.

We’re also hard at work finalizing our other energy efficient homes: the Aston series, the Davenport series, and the Tifton series. As you can see from above, we put a particular focus on balancing privacy and communal spaces, as well as utilizing space optimally. Take a walk through our model homes and see for yourself!


Come check out Synergy Model Homes to see how we integrate efficiency and elegant design to craft your dream house.

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