Why Own An Energy Efficient Home?

Home is where the heart is; and in energy efficient homes, it’s where the savings and benefits are as well. Thinking of going “green”? Here are 5 reasons why it’s a great move.


Energy efficient homes:

Home Green Home

  • Are green. You can cut your energy use by about 30%. You also reduce your carbon footprint: home energy use accounts for about 21% of US carbon dioxide emissions, and Florida is the fifth highest polluting state in the country. Your house is not part of the problem; it is part of the solution.


  • Save you green. Ever get sticker shock from your electric bill? In Florida, for example, the average is $102 per month, or $1224 a year (more if you really love your AC!). If you cut 30%, that saves $367.20 per year. And with a tight thermal envelope, your heating and cooling dollars won’t escape through cracks and drafts.


  • Pay you back. Homes that sip — rather than guzzle — energy pay you back beyond your monthly bills. They last longer and require less maintenance. In addition to lower average operating costs, they also have higher resale values than typical houses. If you consider homeownership an investment, energy efficient homes yield remarkably healthy returns.


  • Promote health. Energy efficient homes are well-ventilated. This means that you and your family breathe in fresh air, instead of air laden with moisture and odors. These homes reduce the risk of mold, keep the air warmer and drier (thus reducing illnesses), and virtually eliminate drafts (keeping dirty, unfiltered air into your home).


  • …Are Home. When you choose Synergy house plans, your new abode will be exceptionally elegant, comfortable, and welcoming. You can think of it as an energy efficient home that happens to be gorgeous — or a gorgeous home that happens to be energy efficient. Either way: you will thoroughly enjoy!


Come home. Energy efficient homes are, above all, wonderful places to live, raise families, entertain guests, and make memories.

Looking for more information on going green? Here are 10 ways to increase energy efficiency at home.

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