New home upgrades that add value are crucial. You don’t want your home to become obsolete in a few years. You need these upgrades to last and ensure appeal continues down the road should you ever sell your home. There are a few upgrades that stand the test of time better than others, and they can even save you money along the way. These are some of the best home upgrades you can invest in. They’ll help you add value to your home, which improves resale value and helps you ride out any potential downturns or disasters along the way.

7 New Home Upgrades That Add Value

  1. Windows

Many upgrades center on energy efficiency. One of the best home upgrades to improve energy efficiency in your home is through choice of window. Windows are expected to be double- or triple-glazed. This means they have two or more sealed sheets of glass. There’s an insulating void between them that slows the transfer of heat. This helps maintain the temperature of your home without letting the outside temperature affect it, which in turn translates to major savings when cooling and heating your home.

  1. Flooring to Last

Of all the new home upgrades that add value, flooring is the one that will last the longest. Or at least, that’s the idea. Flooring material that needs to be replaced in 10 years is essentially a ticking clock for wear and tear. Choosing tile, stone, wood, or other durable floor materials greatly improves the reliability and value of a home. These materials can last for decades instead of years, and some of them can even improve cooling efficiency.

  1. The Kitchen

More than any other room, it’s the kitchen that helps people envision whether they can live in a home or not. People will use it every day. The dishwasher should be high quality, durable, and energy-efficient. Cabinetry is expensive to replace, so it should be made of durable materials. The countertops and backsplashes should be attractive and not tied to a bygone era in aesthetic. Buyers are also increasingly looking for green elements, so everything should be energy-efficient.

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  1. A Deeper Basement

Hear us out: the basement may be relegated to storing your holiday decorations or housing your washer and dryer. But think about the possibilities this space holds. If you create a deeper basement, even an extra foot or so, it goes from being cramped and… basement-y… to spacious and accommodating. You don’t need to finish it now, but if you invest in a deeper pour, you will be thanking yourself in the future. This can be anything: a home office, a guest suite, a gym, a craft/workroom – and it will be much more open and usable.

While you’re at it, rough-in the plumbing for a full or half bath down here. If you do want to finish the basement and create a welcoming space, you’ll be a few steps (and a lot of money) ahead.

Planning for the future and giving your home the flexibility and freedom to evolve with your lifetime is money well spent.

  1. Energy-Saving Upgrades

You cannot go wrong with decisions that help make your home ultra-efficient. This is why windows topped this list of new home upgrades that add value. Other features to add include energy-efficient appliances, HVAC systems, and insulation. You will save money each month, reduce your environmental impact, and ensure your home is as comfortable as possible.

  1. A More Spacious Garage

Garages are certainly useful for storing your outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, kayaks, and other gear. And wouldn’t it be nice if you could also fit your car in there! Depending on your lot size and community regulations (if any), a bigger garage is a value-add.

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  1. Built-In Storage

Whether your home is 2000 square feet or 10,000 square feet, storage is always an issue! It is one of the most sought-after features among homeowners – and buyers. Abundant storage in the form of built-in cabinets, organizers, pull-out trash and recycling bins, etc., will catch the eye of buyers if you choose to sell. More to the point, the absence of these solutions will definitely be noticeable! Built-in storage will also make your home more convenient, comfortable, tidy, and clutter-free.

Who’s ready for some upgrades! Before you allocate your budget though, think about a few projects you definitely want to skip.

3 Custom Home Builder Upgrades to Skip

Not all home upgrades are created equal, and not all will add value or even pay you back. Here are the top custom home builder upgrades to skip:

  1. Marble Countertops

Mable is a luxurious material, and there is no doubt countertops will look amazing. But is it worth the cost? Marble countertops are expensive, and without exacting – and frequent – care, they can be a problem. The stone itself is porous, which can lead to bacteria growth, and it is prone to scratching. There are a lot of benefits of marble, but for your money, a quality quartz, porcelain, butcher block, or even high-quality laminate  will be an excellent choice.

  1. Master Bedroom Expansion

Adding a few extra square feet to the master bedroom sounds like a no-brainer. But you’re taking that space from other rooms that offer the real value-adds. If you’re working with a specific footprint, don’t waste this space. This type of expansion can be pricey, and it does not deliver a solid return on your investment.

  1. Hardwood Floors

Let’s preface this by saying that we love hardwood floors! They are gorgeous, classic, and the perfect complement for virtually any decor. But…they are also high-maintenance, vulnerable to moisture and temperature fluctuations, and expensive. If you want the look of real wood, you can save some money by opting for a high quality plank vinyl, laminate, or ceramic tile, all of which can mimic the aesthetic of hardwood.

Need help choosing the best home upgrades? Talk to the Synergy Home team about new home upgrades that add value and those that may be better left behind. Contact us today!

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