Now more than ever before, people are looking to Palm Bay as a great place to live, and it’s not hard to see why. Palm Bay means access to some amenities you’re hard to find everywhere else. You’ll also find lots of houses for sale in Palm Bay FL, in a variety of price ranges, all of which are likely to appreciate in value considerably over the next few years.

Why Palm Bay?

Palm Bay is the largest city in Brevard County, and there are more than 30 different parks scattered across the city, many of which surround the beautiful Turkey Creek. Some are even focused on fantastic activities for families and kids like baseball, basketball, tennis courts, paintball, and even a skate park. You’ll find plenty of public boat ramps for better water access. If you’re looking for a place to swim, you can enjoy the city’s aquatic center located on the campus of Eastern Florida State College. The school system in the city is phenomenal, too. With three high schools, a middle school, 12 different elementary schools, and five charter schools, you’re certain to find an option that meets your child’s needs. Palm Bay is developing rapidly, too, and in the next few years, they’re working to build out the Pelican Harbor Marina, which will be a great place for restaurants, shops, and Palm Bay nightlife locations.

The 3 Features You Should Look for in Palm Bay FL Homes for Sale

If you’re ready to buy a home here based on features like those, you may wonder what to look for. Any home you purchase here should incorporate at least these three features.

  1.       Solid Construction Methods: Hurricanes are quite common across Florida, and Palm Bay is no exception to that. You want a home that incorporates a number of different weatherproof features so severe weather is never a problem. You’ll want a home that is wind resistant and strong enough to stand up to rain and the warm temperatures that can be so common in this area. In fact, FEMA recommends that your home be constructed from durable concrete and naturally durable wood.
  2.       Durable Windows: You may not think about windows a lot as you’re shopping for a home, but that’s a mistake. Your home’s windows help to complete a strong thermal envelope, which can keep the heat of the summer outside. Consider durable impact windows that will protect your home from the heat and the wind in a hurricane.
  3.       Great Outdoor Living Space: You’re buying Palm Bay because you love to be outside as much as possible and enjoy the climate here. Make sure the home you purchase has great outdoor spaces like a covered patio, plenty of yard space, and a beautiful view.

Connect with Synergy Homes

At Synergy Homes, we create custom houses for sale in Palm Bay FL, with these features and so much more. Our homes are truly designed for living. Featuring three- and four-bedroom models that are perfect for your whole family, you’ll get spacious accommodations no matter what design best suits your needs. More importantly, though, you’ll get safe construction that can withstand the potential for hurricanes. All of our models are built to last. We meet all Florida Building Code requirements with every model. Each design we create is professionally engineered and built to ensure hurricane-force winds won’t hurt the model. The foundations are steel-reinforced with a vapor barrier. We use 2500-psi concrete to construct your dream as well as durable 30-year shingles that can take those hurricane-force winds. We also make use of energy efficient double pane windows to help further protect your home. 

Ensuring your home is strong and safe is our priority, but we want to make this a beautiful space to live, too, so you can expect luxury kitchens and bathrooms, great flooring throughout the home, and plenty of outdoor living space that you’ll want to come home to again and again. 

Ready to explore what we have to offer in terms of houses for sale in Palm Bay FL? Contact us today to learn more.

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