What is tunable light? This is a form of energy efficient LED lights that allows the adjustment of color temperatures. Put simply, think of lower color temperatures as a soft white light bulb. Medium color temperatures are a bright white light bulb. Higher color temperatures are like a bright, sunny day.

Color Temperatures

What does tunable light mean for your home? In terms of comfort, people often feel more relaxed in rooms lit by lower color temperatures. You’ll notice that offices often use very bright light – this is because higher color temperatures can improve focus and concentration.

Tunable lights mean you can use higher color temperatures when you’re trying to get work done, such as in a home office or when sitting down with your finances. When it’s time to relax, you can tune the lights to a lower color temperature. This doesn’t change the color of the light that we perceive (though it can if you want it to), but it allows the light a different nature.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient LED lights were once only possible at higher color temperatures, but today’s LED lighting is much more advanced. LED light is already very efficient. This is why it’s so advantageous to be able to make it efficient in tunable light across a wide range of temperatures.

Aiding with Stress

One way in which this is helpful is in reinforcing our natural rhythms. Tunable lighting can be used to mimic the outdoor light. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you can program tunable light in your home to reach higher color temperatures in the middle of the day, and to gradually move to lower color temperatures as the evening progresses. This reinforces how our bodies evolved to interpret daylight, and can help us grow tired and more naturally fall asleep.

For waking up, a gradual move from lower color temperatures to higher can help us feel more alert and able to go about our day – perfect for someone who is stressed in the mornings. All that, and it’s remarkably energy efficient too!

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