Whether you have a lakefront view – or just enjoy the calming effects of ocean-inspired accent colors – the coastal design style is on trend in today’s Florida homes.

According to our friends at Progress Lighting, there are three key elements – color, lighting and furnishings – to take into consideration when it comes to bringing a coastal-inspired space to life. Read on to learn more and get inspired to create a coastal environment of your own!

1. Coastal Design Color

Color can be one of the easiest ways to achieve a coastal design. The team at Progress Lighting recommends focusing on an all-white color palette – and then incorporating soft and beachy hues through artwork, fabrics and accessories to pull together a coastal theme.

Whether you gravitate toward a soft moss shade or a bold turquoise, coastal schemes can have a wide range of applications in Florida homes.

2. Lighting Florida Homes Inside and Out

From chandeliers to outdoor lanterns, light fixtures can create focal points in a coastal setting or enhance home accents to complete the look.

Progress Lighting fixtures, such as the Spicewood Collection One-Light Mini-Pendant and the Turnbury Collection Four-Light Chandelier, feature weathered wood accents and materials that can further complement the color selections. Additionally, fixtures with bronze or nickel finishes definitely elevate accents, such as shiplap and artwork throughout a home.

3. Seaside Furnishings

Finally, when it comes to selecting materials for flooring, decor and furniture, seek out dark or weathered wood pieces to emulate a seaside environment. To create a relaxed and open environment, materials – such as soft throw blankets, cozy rugs and cushioned furniture – can complete the coastal look (while also complementing the wooden accents and color palette).

Progress Lighting offers a variety of coastal-inspired fixture collections for today’s homes. Follow Progress Lighting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to gather inspiration – and to stay up to date on the latest design trends surging in popularity. And, when you’re ready to buy Florida homes to fill with coastal design, contact Synergy Homes.


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