Florida is not just a vacation hot spot or a senior retirement destination, but also the location for a variety of recreational facilities, financial advisor firms, good schools, and great hospitals. So, the warmer climate, sandy beaches, and food culture are just the cherries on top of what Florida has to offer. No wonder thousands of people move to Florida every month.

If you are thinking of moving to Florida, you need to research the state to get an idea about how the move could impact your life. Read on for moving to Florida tips.

1. Choose the city in Florida that is right for you

When planning your move to Florida, your choice of city will determine the experience you have in this southern state.  Below are some cities that may interest you.

  • Miami:  Located in Southeast Florida, Miami is known for its nightlife and tourism. But you may want to research its crime and poverty rates before you move to a neighborhood.
  • Fort Lauderdale: Families and young professionals love this city because of its numerous job opportunities and inland waterways. It’s the best destination for people who love boating.
  • Tampa: Tampa is located in Western Florida.  It has a vibrant professional sports scene and has numerous recreational options, such as restaurants and festivals. 
  • St. Petersburg: You will get to sample a variety of cultures here because of the diverse population of the city.  The festivals that happen almost every other month in St. Petersburg are a thing to behold.
  • Jacksonville:  If you are looking for a place with a lower cost of living, maybe research Jacksonville. It is a very large city with a big population consisting of people from all walks of life.

Other cities you should consider include Tallahassee, Pensacola, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Clearwater.

2.Research the pros and cons of living in Florida

Look at the various ups and downs of living in Florida and consider how they will influence your life in the next five years. Some pros of living in Florida include:

  • Not having to pay a state income tax
  • Cheaper housing in various cities in the state
  • No need to prepare for snow because you have the sun all year round
  • It has great beaches and other entertainment options (plus you will get discounts on some of the most famous attractions!)
  • Many communities are dedicated exclusively to “snowbirds” and retirees, making living in Florida all the easier.


Some of the cons of living in Florida include:

  • High humidity and heat 
  • Scary hurricanes that often wreak havoc across the state
  • Some cities, such as Miami, have too many tourists
  • Scary wildlife, such as exotic snakes, alligators, and larger species of bugs
  • Insurance costs tend to be higher in Florida

3. Should you buy or rent a home?

If you are moving to Florida temporarily, the more favorable option would be to rent so that you are not tied down to one specific property. Renting is also a good idea if you do not want to worry about upgrades and repairs.  Make sure you know your rights, though, as a renter in Florida.  On the other hand, the Florida house market is booming, which means that buying a house could be a profitable investment.  Here’s another of the moving to Florida tips: If you want to buy a house, wait until the offseason where there is a slowdown in moving.  A real estate agent can help with good advice on timing the purchase of a home in Florida.

4. Finding jobs

Apart from the hospitality industry, Florida offers opportunities in sectors such as health, trade, marketing, and aviation.  The Walt Disney World Resort is the largest employer in the state, with a variety of positions nearly always available.  The public school system and Publix supermarkets also offer great employment options.

Moving is a big decision and you will need to evaluate all the pros and cons of a move to Florida.  There are many advantages and disadvantages, just the same as anywhere else you would choose to move.  Know the state’s laws and the local laws of the city or town where you are considering moving. A representative of Synergy Homes can help you sort through all the details.

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