Loxahatchee may have an odd name, but it is a place that millions have fallen in love with.  The medium-sized town currently has an approximate population of just 27,000 people and doesn’t even place in the list of the top 100 largest communities (and that’s good news for you!), but everyone who visits the area appreciates its charm, convenience, and general beauty. 

Less Than Other Florida Pricing

The current housing prices reflect this level of popularity to a degree, but custom homes remain a viable option for those looking to move into the Loxahatchee neighborhoods.  Real estate prices may be high in comparison with the averages around the nation but considered very affordable when compared to some of the other most sought-after communities in Florida.

Diverse & Unique Population

Due to its charm, Loxahatchee has been embraced by people from all walks of life and is home to a broad mix of white- and blue-collar professionals. Many have come here to retire, while others are excited to start their families and watch their children grow within the Loxahatchee borders.  The ethnicity of residents is diverse.  While English is the predominant language of the area, Spanish and French Creole can commonly be heard on the streets of the city.  The community is very welcoming to those looking for new homes in Loxahatchee.  

Great Schools

Academics are important to the region.  Families feel good about the schools their children attend, and the adults are more highly educated than those in the average U.S. city.  At all levels of schooling — elementary, middle, and high schools — students are positively challenged and provided many growth opportunities.  Schools place strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), but also seek to enrich the mind with language and arts.

Higher Incomes

Nearly a quarter of the adult residents have at least a bachelor’s degree. The community is full of variety, and the population enjoys an average income much higher than the averages in many other U.S. cities of the same size. Based on recent data, the average family of four in Loxahatchee enjoys an income of  approximately $45,000 greater than the national average.

Nature Meets Convenience

It’s not surprising that so many have come to love this area of Florida.  An abundance of nearby parks, nature preserves, and wildlife management areas make this small city feel remote, yet it is just a short trek to the conveniences of Palm Beach, Palm Bay, Orlando, Tampa, and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.  In the heart of this region, one can find natural enjoyment at places like the JW Corbet Wildlife Management Area and Moon Creek Ranch.  At the latter, one can enjoy horseback riding along the gorgeous canal.

So Much to Do

Homes in Loxahatchee are in very close proximity to many activities and attractions.  One can take a guided kayak tour through the mangroves of South Florida, challenge friends and family members to paintball games, or check out the animals of the Lion Country Safari.  The latter is the most popular attraction the city has to offer, and many tourists visit it each year.  More than 1,000 animals reside on the safari grounds.  All can be enjoyed via a slow drive through the grounds.  Additionally, there are feeding experiences, amusement rides, a water spray ground to combat summer heat, food options, and shopping.

Getting Active Outside

In addition to the other activities mentioned, Loxahatchee offers an abundance of outdoor recreation, including hiking paths, biking trails, watersports, picnicking, parasailing, and many other sports-related options. There is so much to do to stay active in this area.  Custom homes in Loxahatchee ensure that you will never have a case of cabin fever.

Restaurants and Nightlife

There is an abundance of food choices and entertainment venues available to the residents of Loxahatchee.  Such close proximity to the coast means accessibility to restaurants of nearly every ethnic influence and, of course, some terrific seafood.  Whether you are desiring a hearty Italian meal or a light dish of Japanese seaweed salad, you can find it near the Loxahatchee community.

Custom Homes Provide Personalization

Obviously, one of the biggest draws of building a home in the heart of Loxahatchee is the opportunity to pick the floor plan and the lot that best suits your personality, your needs, and your desires. There are plots as small as one-quarter acre, and others that are larger than an acre in size.  There are house plans of all shapes and sizes. Custom homes are as unique and diverse as the people who live in them.  The floor plans and building styles can speak to your personality. Synergy homes have a wide variety of plans, small and large, to suit the retiring couple or the growing, larger family.  When choosing from the catalog of available floor plans, you can work with your builder and you will realize that these are custom homes, tailored to suit your needs and tastes.

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