People only touting the great weather in the sunshine state may not know there are many other benefits of living in Florida as well. Florida’s temperate climate and stunning beaches make it a top destination for seniors and tourists from colder places, such as any of the more northern states. Florida also has lower taxes, a diverse population, a great food culture, and a variety of amenities and attractions to offer as well.  Read on if you want to learn more about Florida if you are thinking of reasons to live in Florida.


1. The Temperate Climate

Florida is sunny all year-round, which allows you to spend more time outdoors having fun. It does have a rainy season, from May through October, which allows its beautiful plants and flowers to flourish all year. There are hurricanes in Florida, but they are not as frequent as other places in the United States. Generally, Florida’s seasons are often mild and warm, with short rain showers that are needed to sustain the sub-tropical climate.


2. Fantastic Beaches

Florida’s beaches are among the world’s best beaches. Thousands of people come to swim, kayak, build sandcastles, and play water sports every month in Florida. Some of the most popular beaches in Florida include Clearwater, Palm Beach, Siesta Key, Grayton, and Panama City Public Beach.


3. No State Income Tax

Florida is one of the few states that does not collect income tax from its residents. That means you get to keep more of your hard-earned money. This is one of the benefits of living in Florida that most seniors appreciate about the state. Remember, though, that you still have to pay federal income taxes.


4. Walt Disney World Resort 

Located in Orlando, Florida, Disney World Resort is a major attraction for people all over the world. It offers parks, restaurants, spas, hotels, firework displays, and more.  You don’t need a plane ticket to get to Disney World if you live in Florida.  It’s also one of the largest employers in the state.


5. Spacious And Affordable Property

If you live in a state with ridiculous rents and real estate prices, you should consider moving to Florida. It is one of the great reasons to live in Florida if you have a big family that needs more living space at an affordable price. The reason why property prices are lower compared to other states is that Florida has a lot of lands.

Despite being affordable, properties in Florida are well-built and beautiful. You also don’t have to be rich to get a spacious and beautiful property located close to a beach.


6. Great Educational Facilities 

Some of the top high schools and universities in the nation are based in Florida. For example, Florida Tech has been named as one of the top universities in the nation twice. 


7. Florida Is Culturally Diverse

The cultural diversity in Florida means you get to meet people from different backgrounds and sample their cuisine and great music. Florida has a large Latino population that continues to attract people from different areas within and outside the United States.


8. Great Food

Its proximity to the ocean and its diverse population are one of the main reasons why Florida has many delectable dining options. Florida also happens to have a major agricultural industry famous for its watermelons, avocados, strawberries, and more. This gives residents access to affordable cuisine made with fresh produce.


9. Intense Sports Culture 

Some of the popular sports in Florida include basketball, football, hockey, and several beach sports.  The most famous teams from Florida include the Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Rays, and Miami Dolphins. So, if you love sports, Florida has a lot to offer.


10. Low Cost of Living

Despite its exquisite attractions, great schools, and famous wealthy neighborhoods, living in Florida is affordable compared to some other states. Of course, the bigger cities maybe a little more expensive, but most of the other areas in the state are affordable.  In fact, the cost of health care, groceries, household goods and supplies, and housing is below the national average.

These are just a few of the reasons to live in Florida. There are many detailed resources online that can give you more specific information if you are thinking of moving to the sunshine state.  As well, contacting Synergy Homes can provide you with a wealth of information about homes in the area, as well as available opportunities that can enrich your life.

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