If you’re home shopping, you know that a new house is so much more than just a building – it’s the one place where you can truly get away from it all and build the memories that will last throughout your life. That’s why so many people turn to a custom home – it reflects their unique needs and personality and truly fits with their lifestyle. Preparing to build a custom home, though, isn’t always an easy task. After all, there are so many elements to consider. Which ones are likely to be most important as you begin to work on your design? You may want to consider including these options as you start to chat with an affordable custom home builder in Palm Bay, FL, who can help you meet your needs. 

Some Priorities of an Affordable Custom Home Builder

  1. A Variety of Flooring Options: If you’re looking for an affordable custom home builder in Palm Bay, FL, that probably means you’re going to want a few different options throughout the process. After a day of enjoying plenty of sun, surf, and sand, you’re going to want a home designed for comfortable living the moment you walk through the door. We incorporate gorgeous tile flooring in the foyer, bathrooms, utility room, and kitchen so when the outside comes in, it’s easy to clean up. We let you help us choose the flooring in the other spaces because, for some, there’s nothing like the feel of luxury carpeting underfoot as you climb out of bed each morning. Across your home, you’ll want flooring that looks great and is completely functional, and all of our homes offer exactly that again and again.
  2. A Gourmet Kitchen: No matter what your skill level in the kitchen right now, a gourmet kitchen can make your experience more fun and far less challenging. We incorporate options that are truly a chef’s dream come true. You’ll find stunning wood cabinets throughout our kitchens, a ceramic glass cooktop, Moen faucets, and Energy Star-rated appliances. Each also comes with a spacious pantry which is ideal in Palm Bay because the culture here lends itself to diverse cooking opportunities. Visit the myriad of farmers’ markets and small businesses dedicated specifically to helping you create tastes you never thought possible in your kitchen.
  3. Energy Efficient Features: Palm Bay, FL, offers a relatively mild climate. Winters here feature low temperatures in the 60s and 70s, and a cold snap here means you’ll dip just into the 50s! Throughout the summer, you can expect the warm, gorgeous beach weather you’ll find across Florida. That consistency means you can conserve energy a bit more efficiently, but you want to ensure your home has energy efficiency built into its design too. We integrate Energy Star-rated appliances throughout each of our home designs as well as Moen water-saving fixtures, a quick recovery water heater, and high-efficiency air conditioning units. Even the homes themselves, though, are built to be more efficient with double-pane insulated windows, R-30 insulation throughout the home, and a continuously vented attic. These features are an absolute must in your custom home, as they’ll not only help you save on your energy bills, but they’ll also help you live a greener lifestyle. A good affordable custom home builder strives to make these a priority.
  4. A Luxurious Bathroom: Comfort and relaxation – it is something everyone strives for in their home, and a luxury bathroom can help make that happen. It not only means you get a great design you can appreciate, but increased functionality as well, and all of our homes offer exactly that. Inside you’ll find luxuriously tiled full-sized showers, raised-height wood vanities, and beautiful countertops that will help you relax the moment you walk through the door.
  5. Plenty of Storage: Storage may not be the most exciting option in your home, but it’s absolutely worth it to make certain you have plenty of space. The main appeal here is that you can help keep your entire space organized, and that means less time looking for misplaced items. What’s more, though, is that your home can grow with your family, making storage that much more important. All of our homes offer lots of storage. The Verona model includes dual closets in the master suite, while an option like the Biltmore means a spacious two-car garage! Every home we’ve created offers quick, easy storage options you’ll appreciate throughout the life of the home.

Synergy Homes – Everything You Want in a Custom Design

No matter what features you’re looking for in a home, we can help. Our Palm Bay homes offer luxury that is built to last. With a solid thermal envelope and a design that excels in hurricane resistance, you’ll find safe, beautiful construction at every turn. To tour one of our Palm Bay homes or to learn more about each of our models, contact us today

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