Not sure whether Florida is the right place for you? There are many benefits to living in the Sunshine State that few people consider, and while the state isn’t for everyone, it does offer some real benefits. Perhaps that’s why more than three hundred thousand people choose to move here every single year. What are the best reasons to live in Florida? Take a look.


A Great Economy

One of the most important reasons so many people choose Florida each year is that the economy is growing quickly. On the whole, Florida is adding jobs in a number of different industries. Construction professionals have an excellent job outlook, and the tech sector is growing fast here. Healthcare professionals also have a strong job outlook throughout the state, and tourism brings quite a bit of money to the state. It’s a resilient place that only continues to experience a strong level of growth, no matter what the challenge may be. 


Low Cost of Living

A strong economy is one thing, but the fact that Florida has one of the lowest costs of living in the United States is another real perk. You’ll get more for your money when it comes to housing and your day-to-day services across the state. Some studies have shown the cost of living throughout the state is lower than the national average, and that means you can expect to pay less for goods, services, and even your new home. 


No State Income Tax

One of the biggest perks of living in Florida is the fact that the state doesn’t have an income tax for residents. Whatever you make in Florida is not taxed, so you’ll only have to pay sales tax and property tax no matter where you live in the state. That often translates to higher take-home pay for many of the state’s residents. 


Beautiful Weather

Naturally, the most significant advantage to living in the state is that most of the year is sunny and warm. There are more than 200 days of sunshine in the state, so you can often expect warm, sunny weather any time you step out your door. The summers can get a bit hot and humid, but you’ll make up for that during the incredibly mild fall, winter, and spring. You probably won’t even need a jacket or a sweater when you move to Florida. 


Lots to See and Do

Maybe the single best reason to move to Florida is that there’s so much to see and do throughout the state. One of the biggest attractions for many people is the beaches, and there are plenty of them. Many of them have been named the best beaches in America. For example, Key West’s Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, famed for its snorkeling to Clearwater Beach, has routinely been called the best white-sand beach in all of America. Across the state, you’ll find beaches that are perfect for swimming, photo ops, a seashell collection, and a chance to interact with lots of wildlife. 


Beaches aren’t the only attraction in the state, though. Many love the vast number of golf courses throughout the state. You can catch plenty of professional tournaments here like the Honda Classic and Arnold Palmer Invitational, and you have the opportunity to play on a number of different world-ranked golf courses. The Seminole Golf Club was designed by Donald Ross in 1929 and features a clever route that means a new wind direction with every single hole. The TPC Sawgrass Players Stadium was designed by Peter Dye and has a layout that makes for an incredibly exciting play. 


If professional sports provides most of your entertainment options, Florida has those too. In fact, from the pros to the college teams, Florida has much to offer. The Miami Heat, the Dolphins, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the University of Florida, and many more are all available across the state, and you can expect lots of games with great ticket prices. 


Prefer theme parks? There are plenty of those too. While Disney and Universal get the most attention, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Legoland all offer a one-of-a-kind experience you can only get in this state. What’s more, though, is that when you move to Florida, you can typically expect some resident discounts on attractions like these that you just won’t get anywhere else. It’s a perk you’ll want to use again and again when you move here. 


Is Florida a good place to live? Absolutely. Is it the right place for you? Only you can make that decision, but take the time to visit, look around, and consider just how amazing this place can be before you decide. 

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