Model homes are typically the first construction for a new development.  Buying a model home can be a great idea because they are often jam-packed with high-end features and have well-designed backyards or patios.  The appliances are all new and are typically upscale versions to show the absolute best there is to offer.  After all, model homes are meant to showcase the best features and designs available by the developer, so model homes have a little bit of just about everything you could want in a home ready for you to see.

When to Buy a Model Home

1. You’re Ready to Make an Offer

After a prospective buyer tours a model home, he/she is often ready to purchase that specific property on the spot.  Imagine taking a tour through your dream home that’s already built and then buying it as is.  Can you do that?  Yes, you can!  New home builders are often willing to sell their model homes for several reasons.  When model homes for sale sell right away, it can prove to financiers that the developer’s homes really are in demand and will do well, giving them solid financial footing for future developments.  If other homes in the development are selling out, the builder won’t need a showcase home anymore, and some new home builders may even offer a discount when you want to purchase a model home.

2. You’re Looking for an Optimized Layout

Contemporary buyers today seem to agree on many things they want and expect from a new home.  One of those is a layout configuration that offers a functional flow throughout the entire home.  Open-concept floor plans and large kitchen islands are in, as are huge master bedrooms with en suite bathrooms.  New home builders want to show optimized layout features of the designs that homebuyers want and the best place to show them off is in a model home.

3. You Want Move-In Ready Convenience

Free Model Home Comparison | Synergy Homes of South FloridaIf you want to move in right away, you won’t have to wait for your new house to be built!  New home construction can take a while and often run into delays.  On the other hand, if you aren’t in a hurry to move in, new home builders – who often have an office in the model home – may sell it to you and then lease it back from you for a year or so.  This can help offset your closing or mortgage costs, which can be financially helpful.

More About the Timing of Buying a Model Home

A few things to remember when you buy a model home is to consider that fact that, although all the appliances were new and high-end at the time they were installed, there most likely has been some use and wear and tear through all the home showings.  The carpet, as well, although brand new in the beginning, has been walked on by several hundred potential homebuyers.  Try to time buying a model home before the appliances and carpet have had the opportunity to get too worn down.

The American Homeowners Association suggests, depending on the wear of appliances and carpet, that you ask the builder if he/she is willing to replace or repair any potential issues throughout the model home.  Ask new home builders about any pertinent warranties and make sure any assurances on possible structural defects or workmanship are effective from your purchase date, not from the date the home was first constructed.

With just these few things in mind, buying a model home can be a great idea! Contact Synergy Homes about buying a model home today.

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