What are the new home must haves? These are features home buyers want, sometimes to the point of walking away if an otherwise perfect home doesn’t have one. Some of these features are very traditional elements, while others are newer.

1. Laundry Room

This was at the top of the list of a recent National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey of most desired features. A separate laundry room that can fit a washer and dryer while still having space to move around in is a must. Usual preferences are to have it in a basement or close to the master bedroom.

2. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood lasts an exceptionally long time, it’s easy to clean, difficult to damage, and it lends a home an aesthetic that’s at once comforting and clean-looking. Both hardwood and engineered wood flooring are long-term flooring solutions that help a home retain and build its value.

3. Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows alone can help you save 12% off cooling and heating costs. These are absolute new home must haves, as any new home should start with these.

4. Energy Efficient Appliances

Taking the idea one step further, energy efficient appliances save on energy, water, and other costs. An Energy Star-certified washer can judge the exact amount of water needed to wash a load of laundry. An Energy Star-certified dishwasher can sense just how dirty dishes are so that it doesn’t use too much water. These create lasting savings and can help these appliances last longer, too.

5. Smart Features

Everything from voice command to smart thermostats are becoming popular in new homes. There’s no reason new homes shouldn’t feature these elements. They aren’t necessities, but they make life much easier and more relaxing.

6. Garage

Garages perform a lot of functions. They can store virtually anything that can’t or shouldn’t be stored in the house. They help protect your vehicles. They serve as a safe and durable space to work on various home projects. You can modify them to your heart’s content. A garage helps you compartmentalize and store many things in a way that gives your home itself more space and keeps it cleaner.

7. Outdoor Lighting

This one’s pretty straightforward, and it’s fairly low cost. Outdoor lighting serves a few purposes. It keeps your property safe, it illuminates walkways and entrances, and it accentuates the lines and features of your home. It’s the most desired exterior feature.

8. Patios & Porches

An outdoor patio is a simple feature that goes a long way. It creates an outdoor space to relax. A patio or back porch with access to a wide lawn to play on can create some of the best family memories, and provides an area for parties and get-togethers.

9. Ceiling Fans

Believe it or not, ceiling fans are one of the top features home buyers want. If a large room lacks one, it’s noticed. Not only are ceiling fans visually appealing, they can also help the AC or heating cycle air effectively. They’re pleasant to look at, feel the breeze they create, and they can help you save on energy costs

10. Open Kitchens and Dining Rooms

A whopping 86% of respondents to the NAHB survey said they wanted kitchens and dining rooms that were either entirely or partly open. This allows the areas where you eat and spend time with your family to feel more expansive. No one likes feeling confined in a room as they prepare food or eat, and open spaces held spur good moods and conversation.

Which of these are your must haves, or do you have others to add to the list?

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