Palm Bay, FL county is a stunning location for many different reasons. Just an hour south of Orlando, it’s a hot market right now because it offers great access to many of the nation’s top STEM companies. In fact, Forbes magazine listed Palm Bay as the 10th best place for STEM jobs in the United States. More than that, though, the cost of living here is almost 10% less than it is anywhere else in the nation. There’s also a strong potential for property appreciation here, which is pushing more people than ever to shop for homes in this area. If you have yet started looking, though, you may wonder a bit about the kinds of homes for sale in Palm Bay, FL. There are several different styles featured here.

A Contemporary Beach Home

Across the coastline of Florida in communities like Palm Bay FL county, you’ll find contemporary beach homes. Inside, you’ll see open floor plans and high ceilings, features that help let the Florida sunshine in throughout the home. These styles feature lots of large windows too. These are mostly the kinds of homes we build since we believe they provide the perfect balance between comfort, energy efficiency, and design.

Homes with a Mediterranean Influence

Homes along the Mediterranean practically invented beach styling, and some homes for sale in Palm Bay, FL have used those designs to influence their own. In these kinds of homes, you’ll find tiled, low-pitched roofs as well as stucco walls. You may also see articulate door surroundings, arches, and delicately wrought iron accents outside the home.

Homes with a Spanish Influence

The Spanish explorers play a large role in Florida’s history, and as a result, you’ll often find their influence on architecture even today. Here you’ll also see the stucco walls and low-pitched roofs, but you may also see lots of clay tiles and terracotta additions to the design. Additionally, you’ll find wooden casements and other accents too.

Victorian Homes

While these homes are primarily located in Central Florida, you’ll find some in the Palm Bay area as well. They tend to be narrow and tall, and you’ll find lots of embellishments with these models. Expect to see things like intricate porch railings, specialized trim, and more. Most of these have smaller windows. They also tend to be located in more historic neighborhoods. They’re quite handsome, and they often feature high ceilings and sash-style windows. They also feature extensive amounts of storage.

Ranch Style Homes

Most of these homes are planned on a single level, and many have attached garages at one end. They’re incredibly popular even today because they’re so accessible. They also mean that additions like a screened-in porch are very possible.  These homes gained popularity after World War II, and they’re green-friendly because it’s easy to control the temperatures across the home. They also often mean great, open floor plans that so many people are looking for in a home today.

Take a Look at Our Homes for Sale in Palm Bay FL

Not sure which style is right for you? You may want to consider a few of the home styles we have to offer which incorporate many of the common architectural styles seen throughout Palm Bay.

  • The Hudson: This model is one of our Elements Series, our most affordable models that offer true comfort to your family day after day. These homes feature high ceilings that are contemporary beach homes. Additionally, they’re designed to play with natural lighting features just as other contemporary beach homes are. Outside you’ll see the clear influence of both Mediterranean and Spanish designs on these homes, as they feature the articulate, clean lines both of those styles do. You’ll also see the beautiful interiors so often features in Victorian homes with this model. The ranch design, though, is an obvious influence on this model. The open floor plan offers plenty of space to gather, but it also features lots of options for everyone to have their own part of the home, as you can choose from three or four bedrooms, whichever best suits your needs.
  • The Biltmore: If ensuring everyone has plenty of space is at the top of your priorities list, this is the ideal home to meet your needs. It incorporates the traditional ranch styling that is so popular across Florida. With lots of open space for everyone to come together, you’ll always have an area to eat, play games, and just enjoy being together in this home. You’ll also find contemporary beach home accents here too with lots of windows to help let the natural light in throughout the house.

Whether the Hudson, the Biltmore, or one of our other models that incorporates the traditional architecture Florida has to offer is right for you as you shop for the ideal property in Palm Bay, Synergy Homes is here to help. To learn more about our available homes for sale in Palm Bay, FL, and the customizations we can add to better meet your needs, reach out to one of our team members today

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