When you’re looking to build your first home, it’s important to not overlook anything. The catch 22 is that, with so much on your plate, it’s pretty easy to neglect some of the smaller details – you know, those tiny-but-hugely-important things to consider when building a house. That’s why this article is here – so that you don’t forget about the little things that are often forgotten.

7 Small Things That Get Forgotten When Building a House

  1. Building Basics

It’s really easy to change your mind about a plan once you see it enacted, and it’s even easier to build a hallway and realize that three feet just isn’t quite wide enough to walk down comfortably. So double-check your numbers, and check them out before building your house. Are your hallways too small? Are your ceilings too short? Are your doors swinging the way you want them to? Do you have enough windows in your plan?

  1. Powering Your Home

Another really important thing to think about when building your home is power. Are your light switches in useful places, or are they hidden behind the fridge? Are all of our power outlets in places that you would use a power outlet, and do you have enough of them? You probably want a power outlet in each bedroom, or maybe even multiple, and you’re definitely going to want one where your entertainment center and TV are going to be. In fact, you’re probably going to want an easy-to-access power outlet in every room. Some outlets can even come with USB ports, which can be helpful in offices or areas where you usually charge your phone. Radios, TVs, speakers, the whole entertainment system can make your house a better place to live – but it has to be planned outright.

  1. Appliance Accessibility

Appliances, much like outlets, can get annoying when they’re not easily accessible. To make sure that everything is in order for your home, plan the layout of your appliances, and make sure that they all have a corresponding outlet. Believe it or not, appliance placement really is among the most popular small things that get forgotten when building a house. Think about where you’re going to locate all of the different appliances in your kitchen, and make sure that they’re all easy to access and use without having to displace something else in your home.

  1. Piping Placement

Speaking of placement… Your pipes might not be among the cool things to include when building a house, but they are among the top things you’ll use most in your house – from the kitchen sink to the shower to the irrigation system. Check for underground pipes that might make building your house difficult to do. And, if you might add on an addition later on, make sure that there are no pipes in the way of that. Secondly, look at things like the shower head height. You don’t want to get in and realize that the showerhead is six inches shorter than it needs to be. Make sure to measure before you put in the showerhead to ensure that everyone in your family can use it comfortably.

What to Expect When Building a Custom Home

  1. Storage Space

Storage is crucial in any home, and it’s great when it’s built into your home. It’s super easy to ensure that you’ll have space, too. Some builders will install custom shelving to transform your attic into a storage space, or you might want to use an under-the-stairs space as storage… you just have to ask. When it comes to new home builders, Synergy Homes is more than happy to accommodate your storage needs while building your custom home. Other good places to create storage are recessed medicine cabinets, kitchen islands, built-in storage racks in closets or other small spaces, or even just deep pantry cabinets to make sure that everything fits in where you want it to.

  1. Planning for Kids

If you’re looking to build a family home, there are a lot more things that need to be considered! Areas can be safety-proofed for young children, and some things can be taken out or moved to make sure that kids will be safe. Don’t forget about outlet covers, child-proof locks, and baby gates before moving in.

  1. Outdoor Design

The exterior of your home is just as important as the inside. If you decorate for the holidays, consider putting a few outside outlets in strategic places for lights and powered decorations. If you’re putting in an irrigation system to keep your lawn beautiful and green, make sure that the runoff water will drain away from your property and not straight into your basement. Make sure that your sidewalks, porches, and decks are all big enough to be comfortable on, and consider putting in a gas line to alleviate getting new propane tanks for your grill. Think about where you place your hose faucets, too, in order to keep water from getting into your basement or foundation.

There are lots of small things that get forgotten when building a house from scratch. Make use of these tips, and make sure that everything is perfect with your house plans before you build. With Synergy Homes, you can rest assured that there is no detail too small when it comes to your new home! Contact us today to learn more.

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