When you have a vision for your dream home, the next step is figuring out how to bring it to life. If you plan on building, there can be some confusion as to the best way to achieve your goals. Do you want the freedom to make some choices in terms of layout and features – but not the overwhelming responsibility of planning each and every detail from the ground up? Do you want the convenience of a production home – but a bit more flexibility? Semi custom home builders can deliver. Let’s dig in and see what they can do for you. 


We’ll start by defining some key terms in the home building industry:

Custom Homes: Here, you create your home from scratch, so to speak. Every decision is one that you make (in consultation with your architect, designer, or builder). You are heavily involved in the process, from layout to insulation to wiring to exterior materials to finishes. There is no set “menu” of options as you are creating something… custom! 

Production Homes: Production home builders typically offer a library of house plans from which you can choose. In many categories, you will be able to select your favorite styles or designs from a limited number of choices.

Synergy Homes’ Element Series, for example, are considered production homes. They are affordable home models available in three – and four-bedroom (two bath) options and which offer features including soaring ceilings, tile flooring, gourmet kitchen, Energy Star-rated appliances, Moen fixtures, and more. You may also include an optional landscaping package to put your own unique stamp on your home and property.

Semi Custom Homes: Think of semi custom as a hybrid of both custom and production homes. You may select from a library of existing floor plans and enjoy the freedom of making changes to many aspects of the design. For example, you may want an open floor plan with a luxurious master suite and a deck built for entertaining. Or maybe you want enclosed spaces for privacy and a sense of coziness. There is also a larger selection of choices in terms of finishes, fittings, and materials than is available for production homes.

Our Gold and Platinum Series, for example, can be customized to suit your lifestyle and design needs. 


Benefits of a Semi Custom Homes

As mentioned, semi custom home builders can help you achieve your goals by relieving the pressure of making every single decision (large and small… and very small!) while allowing you to integrate your own personality and style. Some other advantages of opting for a semi custom home:

It Saves Time 

The process of building a fully custom home can take a year or more. This is understandable because each and every detail needs to be hammered out. Further, though, they are building something that, by definition, has never been built before. There is also more of a chance that builders will run into unexpected issues in terms of the layout, design, or installation of features. 

Semi custom home builders, on the other hand, have extensive experience building according to their house plans. Even when yours has modifications, they have the process down to a science. They’ve done it before, and the changes and alterations are within their scope of expertise. This streamlines the entire process…. Which brings us to the next benefit:

It Saves Money

A fully custom home is, as you would expect, more expensive. If you have an image in mind of your perfect house and you find house plans that align, semi custom homes offer a much more budget-friendly way to achieve it. Again, because the process is shorter, you spend less on construction and labor.

You Are Not Getting Cookie Cutter

At Synergy Homes, we strive to ensure that our production homes are elegant, beautiful, and meet their owners unique needs. With semi custom, you have access to a wider range of options and upgrades, including cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, appliances, exterior materials and finishes, and more. While “semi” custom, your home will be all you


Talk to the Top Semi Custom Home Builders In South Florida

It is our mission at Synergy Homes to make sure each and every one of our clients is not completely satisfied with their project, but thrilled to call it “home.” Our Gold and Platinum semi custom homes are designed with you in mind. Contact us today to see how we can help you bring that vision to life.


What to Expect When Building a Custom Home

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