A personalized production home combines many of the strengths of a production home and a custom home. Production home builders will usually offer the home and land together, allowing you the ability to choose from a range of floor plans. You have the ability to customize your choice of home, even if the home itself isn’t fully customized.

Personalized Production Home Advantages

The greatest strength of a personalized production home is its value. The land being included with the price of the home is a great savings. This can lead more of the budget being directed toward the home itself. Since the production home builders are experienced building that precise type of home, time and money are both used efficiently.

There are also fewer decisions to make, but you’ll still be able to make a variety of decisions about the home itself. While the floor plan itself may not be custom, the selections you make about many aesthetic elements are still your choice.

A Better Investment, with Better Savings

A personalized production home is also much more to qualify a loan that covers the whole amount of the home’s cost. Add to this that these homes usually come with warranties that cover the structure for up to 10 years and you’re financially protected on several fronts. On top of this, a personalized production home is much more likely to retain its value than a custom home.

A home like this may be designed with very specific goals in mind. Production home builders with a focus on energy savings use floor plans and building materials that cut down on cooling, heating, and other costs. In many cases, such a focus can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

It’s a scenario that draws from the best of two worlds. You still get a beautiful home with many personalized touches, and you get a home that’s a better investment and helps you save more for your family, for your children’s education, for leisure, for retirement – whatever your plan may be.

Community Amenities

Many of these homes are built in communities that have access to a wide range of amenities. These may include fitness centers, pools, basketball courts, parks, playgrounds, nature access, trails, and much more. Production home builders will be able to help you choose from communities depending on these amenities as well as proximity to work, school, and shopping.


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