You did it! You navigated the process of buying a house, managed the logistical and emotional ups and downs, and now you’re home! Ready for your first meal or first night’s sleep under your own roof? Well…. you’re going to need a few supplies first! You’ve bought the house – but plan on adding a few essentials to your new home checklist before you move in. What are the most important things to buy for a new house?

First things first, categorizing your new home must-haves can help you get organized and ensure you don’t forget anything vital. With that in mind, this new home checklist of things to buy can help you get started.

55 Things to Buy for a New House: A New Home Checklist

  • Cleaning Supplies – Whether you bought a home or built it, you’ll want to give it a good clean when you move in. Stock up on:
    1. Paper towels or cleaning clothes
    2. Scrub brushes
    3. Cleanser
    4. Dish soap
    5. Sponges
    6. Broom and mop
    7. Vacuum
    8. Trash bags (do not forget the trash bags!)
    9. Toilet brush and toilet cleaner
    10. Shower cleaner (or an all-in-one bathroom cleaner)
    11. Windex (or a simple mixture of water and white vinegar) for the windows

Ahhh… now you have a beautiful, clean canvas!

  • Kitchen Items – You have to eat! Make sure you get some kitchen staples for your pantry, including salt, pepper, garlic powder, pasta, rice, canned goods, etc. Plug in your refrigerator, and when it’s cool, you can add your milk, eggs, butter, meat, veggies, etc. You’ll also need:
    1. Pots, pans, and baking sheets
    2. Plates, bowls, cups, mugs, and glasses
    3. Serving dishes and bowls
    4. Mixing bowls
    5. Glass or plastic containers for leftovers
    6. Eating and cooking utensils
    7. Whisk
    8. Spatulas
    9. Measuring spoons and cups
    10. Rolling pin
    11. Can opener
    12. Bottle opener/corkscrew
    13. Dish drying rack
    14. Coffee maker/Keurig
    15. Toaster
    16. Microwave
    17. Blender
    18. Instapot and/or crock pot
    19. Large appliances

Remember: your new home may come with a fridge, dishwasher, oven etc. – or it may not. Be prepared!

First Time Home Buyer Worksheet | Free Download | Synergy Homes of Florida

  • Bathroom Essentials – To make sure your bathroom is shower-ready and good to go for all your needs, be sure to pick up essentials like:
    1. Toothbrushes and toothpaste
    2. Toilet paper
    3. Shower mat/bath mat
    4. Shampoo and conditioner
    5. Soap or body wash
    6. Hand soap
    7. Mirror
    8. Razors
    9. Face cleanser
    10. Shower rod
    11. Shower curtain and hooks
    12. Trash can
    13. Plunger
    14. Towels
    15. Hand and face cloths
    16. Sink and tub plugs

All that moving in is going to work up a good sweat. Thankfully, you’ll have the bathroom supplies you need to get yourself fresh and clean!

  • Bedroom Items – You’ll also get peace of mind and a good night’s sleep by ensuring you purchase or bring the following bedroom essentials:
    1. Mattress and bed frame
    2. Sheets and blankets
    3. Pillows and pillow cases
    4. Hangers
    5. Curtain rods and curtains
    6. Night stands
    7. Lamps
    8. Mirror
    9. Laundry basket/hamper

Free Model Home Comparison | Synergy Homes of South FloridaThese are all important, and they’ll help you feel more at home when you get home! But the reality is, if you have to eat on paper plates or you have an air mattress until your bed arrives, it’s not a big deal. The beauty of owning a home is that it’s yours. You have time to fill it with all of your needs and wants. So, add living drapes and a bigger dining room table as you go. If you are moving from another house or apartment and have furniture, great. If not, it’s fine to take it a piece or two at a time as you find things that speak to you.

When it comes down to it, the house is the important part! Bring the essentials so you are clean, comfortable, fed, and able to shower and sleep! Everything else will fall into place. And with Synergy Homes, you can cross Energy Star appliances and other musts right off your list! Contact Synergy Homes today to learn about all the great features in our new model homes.


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