When we think of energy efficient home ideas, we often think of new systems and expensive overhauls. Yet there are many ways that you can save money on your energy bill just by doing some cleaning. How does this work exactly?

Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

  1. Consider the places in your South Florida home that don’t get cleaned as often, such as the back of your refrigerator. There are coils and vents both behind and underneath your fridge to expel heat. The dirtier, greasier, and more dust-covered they are, the more energy the fridge has to use to keep temperature. Just pull the fridge away from the wall, vacuum the back and clean underneath it (a long bristle brush works well for this).
  2. Air conditioning filters are extremely overlooked. People might leave them in for months or years too long, not even thinking about how much harder their air conditioning has to work to keep the home cool. Old filters mean your AC is working harder, and this means: 1. a much higher energy cost; 2. the AC unit will need replacement years sooner. Some filters last for six months while others are designed to be replaced every one or two. Learn about your filter and then keep a calendar to replace it regularly.
  3. Remove the lint from your dryer after every use. Not only does this minimize the risk of fire, it also allows the filter to operate more effectively. Run a brush inside the space where the filter goes to pick up wayward lint. Then clean the vents that allow the dryer to expel heat.
  4. Dust out all those little nooks and crannies in your South Florida home. It’s an excellent opportunity to look for gaps or cracks where cool air might be escaping. Areas where pipes or wiring come into the home may not be sealed as well as they should be. The more cool air inside exchanges with hot air outside, the harder your AC has to work and the more energy it draws.
  5. Look at each window and door for any worn seals or gaps. Our energy efficient home ideas include examining all the places where you can lose cool air. Thankfully, these are usually easy to replace or seal.
  6. Use ceiling fans. This isn’t so much a cleaning or maintenance tip as it is just a good idea. Ceiling fans are very inexpensive to operate, and they help air circulate. Air that is moving makes us feel much cooler than air that is still, so you can even turn the AC down a notch or two and still feel cool with the ceiling fans going.

There are many fancy electronic solutions available for you to create a more energy efficient home. However, the ideas listed above are all low-tech, low-cost, easy ways to make your home more energy efficient. They are also quick habits to develop. Individually, they’ll save you a bit here and there. Put them together and you will start to see a real difference on your energy bill.

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