We value cars that are high performance, yet we spend more money on homes – and homes contain even more engineering than cars. Homes are also more expensive to maintain. Doesn’t it make sense that we should want high-performance homes with beautiful engineering to cut down on our costs? Custom home builders can make that goal a reality. In fact, as Palm Beach County home builders, we regularly make dreams of high-performance custom homes come true for new homeowners in Florida.

1. Energy Efficiency

One of the focuses we have as Palm Beach County home builders is energy efficiency. Today, custom home builders have the ability to integrate incredible efficiency at all stages of the building process. This is accomplished through design and architecture, quality of framing, choice of materials, insulation, even choice of doors, windows, appliances and lighting.

Speaking of lighting, LED light sources like this industrial-inspired Beaker Collection One-Light LED Wall Sconce improve energy efficiency while enhancing the aesthetic of your home. In other words, LED lighting can keep your home’s energy usage low in high style.

Not only do integrations like these successfully reduce your environmental footprint, they can also drastically reduce your energy costs. In fact, Synergy Homes is so confident in this that the custom home builder covers each new homeowner’s first two years of applicable utility costs.

2. Health

Many homes in Florida succumb to moisture build-up and the mold, mildew, leaks and water damage that follow. Custom home builders can build high-performance custom homes that optimize ventilation and air flow. Many materials used during the custom home building process can be allergen resistant to decrease the number of allergens that get trapped indoors. Home is a refuge, and that should apply to your health, too.

3. Durability

The choices you make in framing, materials and even insulation? They all pay off by creating a custom home that lasts. This means you’ll help build a quality home that can keep multiple generations safe, or be repurposed when the kids move out. The choices you make during the home building process also affect the resale value of your home, should you ever decide to move. This can include the choices you make for some of your more permanent home finishes and fixtures, like countertops, appliances and lighting. High-performance custom homes can be beautiful and build value over time to minimize your risk of financial loss.

As Palm Beach County home builders, we create incredible high-performance custom homes that outlast other homes, lower your energy costs and help keep your family healthy. We invite you to take a look at the Synergy Homes approach to custom home building. We believe you’ll see a lot of value.

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