Top Palm Bay Florida home builder, Synergy Homes, invites you–the prospective buyers–to tour some of the most energy-efficient model homes in the city, and in all of South Florida. Get a glimpse of your future home in our inviting model home center, which highlights the exceptional design, craftsmanship, and style that has become synonymous with Synergy Homes. 

Synergy Homes became a top Palm Bay Florida home builder by specializing in designing and building high-performance houses that save buyers money month after month and year after year. In the center, you will find models such as the spacious, elegant Winston with a total of 4004 sq/ft, featuring:

  • 2819 sq/ft of living space
  • 623 sq/ft of garage space
  • 346 sq/ft of porch space
  • 222 sq/ft of entry space

The Winston boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a 3.5 car garage, and a den/office. This is just one of many floorplans available. Each of Synergy Home’s models is built for living and maximizing efficiency, comfort, convenience, and style.

Stop by and see the Synergy Homes team. You will have an opportunity to view and walk-through beautiful high-performance model homes by top Palm Bay home builders.

Why Choose Synergy As Your Palm Bay Florida Home Builder?

In the construction industry, there have been rapid improvements in technology, techniques, and materials, helping create safer, stronger, and more efficient structures. Synergy has been at the forefront of this evolution and integrates the latest advances to ensure each and every home meets our – and your – exacting standards. 

Whether you choose the Winston, the Belaire II, or another of our incredible floor plans, it is constructed with a tight thermal envelope and must pass rigorous Energy Rater inspections. From top to bottom – from roof to foundation – your new home will reduce energy consumption and cut heating and cooling costs. You can also take advantage of specials and incentives to make your dream of homeownership even more affordable. 

Synergy vs. Other Palm Bay Home Builders 

The difference is built into our homes. Synergy’s unique Gold and Platinum Series are up to 75% more efficient than existing houses and up to 50% more efficient than standard new builds. The facts speak for themselves: 

Synergy Homes

  • R-20 Icynene spray foam insulation in ceiling and attic
  • Attic temp. only 10-12° warmer than AC sq. ft.
  • Seals above and beyond code around the header and the bottom rail, from the block to the concrete
  • R-13 Icynene spray foam insulation in interior partition walls and knee walls
  • R-16.5 vinyl rigid board wall assembly
  • Double-pane, hurricane-impact vinyl windows

Other Builders 

  • R-20 insulation blown in ceiling and batt insulation in the attic
  • Attic temp. a whopping 44-64° warmer than AC sq. ft.
  • Seals to code
  • Batt insulation in interior partition walls and knee walls
  • R-4 paperback wallboard
  • Single-pane, hurricane-impact aluminum windows or non-impact with aluminum shutters

When you compare us side-by-side with other builders, the answer is clear: Synergy will deliver the results you need.

Connect with a Synergy Homes sales representative or schedule your walkthrough. We’re happy to discuss our dynamic variety of model home offerings, as well as current incentives. Trust the leading Palm Bay Florida home builder to help you realize your dream of homeownership.

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