New home communities in Florida can offer a lot of variety. How exactly do you choose, especially when budget is a concern (and isn’t it always!)? Well, when you look at new homes under $250k, there are some key factors that will help you decide. Some of these factors even help build the value of your home. It’s an extra benefit when the place that you live and relax is also a good investment. 

Type of Home

Many new homes under $250k will suit you. Builders tend to limit themselves to a range of floor plans, unless creating custom homes (which tend to be outside that price range). A builder may have a set of three floor plans, or six, or eight that they specialize in. However many they have, they try to cover a wide range of needs across that range. 

The benefit of doing things this way is that builders can plan ahead for materials, scheduling, inspections, etc.. If they specialize in a particular floor plan, then they save some expense and that savings can be passed on to you. Do make sure that the floor plan you’re looking at is one you like the idea of living in.

A Community’s Features Matter

What’s in that community? Are there theaters and museums? Can you access the beach? Are there pleasant, quiet, safe areas to walk? How’s the restaurant scene? Is there a good dog park?

All of these things matter depending on how you want to live your life. If you find something vital to you is missing, then you may not be able to get over that fact. That’s not unfair, that’s reasonable. It’s your life in your new home. It should have access to a number of things that you enjoy.

How’s the Noise?

A big part of choosing a community centers on what you have access to there. A row of restaurants and shops within walking distance? That’s ideal for many. Not being able to go to sleep because the sounds of night life are too loud? That becomes a little much.

Close to the airport because you regularly fly for business? That’s a good choice. Planes roaring overhead every 20 minutes? That’s definitely too close.

Visit a neighborhood you’re looking to move into at different times of the day to gauge if it’s relatively quiet and relaxing enough for you.

How Are the Schools?

If you have kids, this is an obvious priority. The nearer the school the better, since it means less driving. Even if they take the bus in, forgotten lunches, recitals, and after-school clubs all require driving. Being 10 minutes away adds up to a lot of saved time compared to being 30 minutes away.

If you don’t have kids, this is still important. Homes near schools build value much better than other homes. Being in proximity to a school is a good home investment.

Energy Savings

One thing to look out for in new homes under $250k is energy savings. Some floor plans are specifically designed to reduce energy costs. That can mean a large savings in Florida, where you need the AC going all summer.

Through energy-saving design and materials choice, a home designed with this priority in mind can save hundreds or even thousands a year in energy costs. That’s enough to build a good vacation fund, nest egg, or save for college. These homes will also hold and build value better in the future as energy cost reduction becomes even more of a priority.

Looking for new homes under $250k? Talk to us! We can help you tick all your boxes – and make a house a true, welcoming home.

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