Nearly 20% of home buyers choose a custom home over an existing property. When most buyers think of a custom home, though, they tend to think of the expenses involved. What you may not know, though, is that affordable custom homes in Palm Bay have the ability to save you more than you imagined. Wondering why? Take a look at the difference working with affordable custom home builders like Synergy Homes truly makes. 

With Affordable Custom Homes, You Get Exactly What You Want 

Building a custom home means you have the ability to select absolutely everything you want in your home from the perfect wall and floor coverings to all of the amenities. Wondering how that saves you money? If you purchase an existing property, you’re far more likely to undertake a renovation project fairly soon afterward to help ensure it meets your specific needs. In fact, you may end up spending more on the home and the renovation projects you undertake than you would if you’d purchased a custom home in the first place. Affordable custom homes are designed around you, so you’ll never have to worry about making changes just a few months after you move in.

New Homes Can Be Far More Energy Efficient

At Synergy Homes, we specialize in energy efficient affordable custom homes that mean you’ll save quite a bit of money with a custom home over the purchase of an existing one. We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation as affordable custom home builders in the Palm Bay area, and for us, that means a commitment to energy efficiency. Each property in our Gold and Platinum series is truly a model of design and construction. Built with a tight thermal envelope, spaces that normally increase your utility bills like the roof, foundation, windows, doors, and outer walls are all carefully integrated to ensure that the cool air in the summer can’t escape your home, and the warmer air can’t escape during the cooler months. Our own research has shown that our homes are up to 50% more energy efficient than the other average new construction models being built today.

We’re continually pushing the boundaries of what energy efficient construction truly means

We use only R-20 lcynene spray foam insulation in the attic to ensure the temperature at the top of your house is just 10 to 12 degrees warmer than the rest of your home. Other new construction homes can’t begin to match that, as the R-30 insulation they use typically means the attic space in a home is up to 64 degrees higher than that of the rest of the house. Here are a few other features that separate us from other builders:

  • Our seals are far above code around both the header and bottom rail too.
  • We utilize R-12 lycnene spray foam insulation in the garage/house separation wall to further strengthen the home’s ability to retain the air inside.
  •  Our construction methods use R-6 vinyl rigid board wall assembly providing increased levels of insulation and a higher quality build.
  • Our double-pane windows offer hurricane impact quality you’ll appreciate throughout the year.

Differences like these can help truly make your affordable custom homes energy efficient at every single turn. We believe in high-quality construction, and for us, that means a commitment to more, including today’s latest energy efficient technology. The result is not just a home that you’ll love, but one that will save you money too.

But Why Buy One of Our Affordable Custom Homes In Palm Bay?

Palm Bay is easily one of the most attractive communities in Florida. A naturally beautiful space with lots to do makes it one of the best places both to vacation and live in the entire state, and if you’re considering this space for your next home purchase, there’s never been a better time to make your move.

Are Palm Beach and Palm Bay the Same Place?

While many people think automatically of Palm Beach – the popular tourist destination that’s about two hours north of Miami – Palm Bay is a very different space. Palm Bay is located in Brevard County, just an hour south of Orlando. Home to some of the biggest employers in the state, Palm Bay has been listed as the 10th best location in the United States for STEM-based jobs. The cost of living here is nearly 10% below the national average, and the potential for property appreciation here is only expanding. In fact, for years, this space has been considered one of the single best spaces for long-term real estate investments. With a median home value close to $180,000, experts predict the values are going to increase over the next ten years as more properties than ever are purchased by eager buyers.

The Advantages of Living in Palm Bay, Florida

Not sure Palm Bay is the right space for you? There are actually several advantages to living in this space you may not have previously considered. The climate is one of them. The summers here mean perfect beach weather, and the winters are incredibly mild with daytime temperatures averaging between 60 and 70 degrees.

The climate isn’t the only benefit of living here, though. The employment outlook for this area is amazing. Major employers here include Harris Corporation, Intersil, and DRS Technologies. The cost of living is also a real benefit, as your money will go much further in this area than it might in other major cities. There’s also quite a bit to do here with the beautiful beach just a few miles away. You’ll find lots of diverse businesses, opportunities to interact with the gorgeous natural environment, and more.

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