Products That Increase Your Energy Bill

Energy efficient homes are the wave of the future. We rely so much on electronic devices and appliances that the cost of maintaining our lifestyles has ballooned. When we’ve got 20 or 30 items in our homes plugged in near-constantly, energy costs add up. It’s one reason Synergy model homes have focused so much on efficiency, especially in the design and construction phases.

But there’s also steps you can take to cut your utility bills; here are a few “energy hogs” house products to be aware of:

Cable Boxes: Turn these energy-guzzlers off when you’re not using them. Two set-top boxes can draw about the same energy as your refrigerator, and when you think about it, you’re not even using them most of the day.

Battery Chargers: Most battery chargers aren’t efficient. There’s not a whole lot you can do about this if you need to charge a phone, tablet, or computer. The market needs to become more efficient. Just remember to unplug them when not in use.

Microwaves: These are major offenders in skyrocketing your energy bill. You don’t even use them for 99% of the time, but they’re still drawing a disproportionate amount of power. Newer microwave requirements cut much of this waste out, so it’s a good time to upgrade.

Game Consoles: These are pretty efficient when they’re turned off after use…except many, many users forget to turn their consoles off. They’ll sit there, paused and running for hours every day. Not only does this wear out an expensive device, it can also increase your energy bill drastically – by more than a hundred dollars every year per console.

Synergy model homes offer examples of homes built for energy efficiency from the ground up. Lessons in design, materials, and technology are utilized to create energy efficient homes that help save the planet as well as your wallet. Add to your savings with smart appliance house products and device choices!

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