The best way to customize your house is through your passions. After all, people will ask about whatever you display. If you truly personalize your home, every talking point that comes out of it will be something you’re passionate about discussing. That makes it easy for you and others to engage, and it keeps a home that feels comfortable and easy to live in.

  1. DIY Passions

Everyone has some kind of passion or hobby they love, yet many people keep theirs private. How can you personalize your home if you keep it impersonal? Whether it’s painting, knitting, model trains, a love of reading – feature it! If you create art, feature it in your home. Keep some of the supplies out in an attractive way. If you love books, display your favorites.

  1. Mix Things Together

Hipster culture has made an indelible mark, and something that comes with it is a sense of irony. It’s OK to mix and match from different collections in order to come up with something striking or off-kilter. This can help two straightforward collections play off each other in interesting ways: maybe your coin collection goes well with that set of rustic farmland postcards. Maybe your bobbleheads guard your fine china. Consider blending sets in ways that are comforting or amusing.

  1. Make It a Smart Home

From smart thermostats to smart lighting, your home can be programmed to change its environment on as broad or precise a schedule as you need. Tough time getting the kids to bed, or you’re not getting enough sleep yourself? Smart lighting can start dimming itself an hour before bedtime, encouraging your body’s natural rhythms to make you sleepy. Look into these features, and see how many of them would make your life easier.

  1. Make Personal Spaces

This is your space. To personalize your home means to carve out little spaces where you can find quiet and relax. A comfortable chair at your favorite window, for example, will always bring you peace.

  1. Frame Art Inexpensively

Perhaps it’s illustrations of birds or wildlife scenes. Maybe it’s Impressionist art. It could be paintings of dinosaurs or images of planets and far off nebulae. Whatever it is that you want to feature in your home, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg buying paintings and posters. You can cut these images from field guides or coffee table books you own. Small- and medium-sized frames are inexpensive, so you can frame these images and hang them around the house.

  1. Children’s Art

Your children’s art is the best way to customize your house. They don’t have to be Picasso or Degas. Your children’s art features an innocence and straightforwardness that looks good anywhere, and guests will always view it with appreciation and interest. Best of all, your children will feel pride and may feel bolder in developing their talents to make more art.

How will you customize your house? We’re excited to find out!


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